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Mar 26, 2022
Just signed up, saw references to this site on the YouTube channel "Life In Surround". I have a fairly ellaborate 5.1 system, maybe considered entry level High End? Looks something like this:

Oppo UDP-203 4K player
Yamaha RX-A2A 7.1 Receiver
Classe 6 Pre-Amp
Classe 8 Power Amp
Spica TC-50 Front Speakers on steel lead filled stands, spikes up and down
Klipsch Center and Rear Surrounds
Velodyne DPS-12 Subwoofer
VPI Mk 4 Turntable > connected to Classe Pre-Amp
Lots and lots of vinyl records, moderate collection of SACD, DVD-A and BluRay Audio but growing
Apple TV 4K for streaming music in Lossless or even Spatial Audio

I have a dedicated room for listening and Movie watching on my Sony Bravia 4K 65" TV

Plans for upgrades include Atmos speakers for 5.1.2 setup. I have not figured out which ones to get as yet... might be able to get some help here maybe?

Thanks in advance.
Welcome aboard Henry!

I don’t yet have an Atmos setup; but from what I’ve been reading here, folks seem to believe having 4 on the upper floor is much more satisfying🙃

if at all possible that would be my preferred minimum setup 5.1.4. And with a market value close to $3 Trillion, music market penetration and Gorilla sized cojones; I’m thinking Apple’s got the best chance to keep this Atmos thing afloat.
Hi Henry welcome!
Just seeing this now.
I have the same Sony Bravia. It has outstanding passive 3D only outdone by the LG OLED.
Unfortunately no advanced 4K features that are now standard. Thus I'm hesitant to upgrade and lose 3D capability.
Yes hold on to that oppo....
late-Welcome from another Ontario surround guy with a Yamaha RX-A2A 7.1 receiver.