Atmos streaming (tidal and such) and DSD5.1 local playback


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Nov 28, 2023
Hi all
I'm looking for a device that can connect to tidal or other streaming services AND is capable to play 5.1 DSD files over HDMI
I got a AV7704 and an oppo 203 so DSD 5.1 over HDMI is no problem.

I wanted to try the atmos on tidal but i was not able to. Tidal refuses to build an atmos capable application in W10/11.
Somehow linux and atmos over hdmi is still troubles some so i cannot find raspberry-pi projects that go beyond stereo
I cannot find media streamer devices without stereo dacs. I don't mind a analog out but i'm not willing to use it.

How do you play your local AND streaming files over 1 device?
Or do you al have a appletv/firestick/shield for streaming and something else for local files?

An audio only device would be fine but hdmi 'is' video so movies and series would be OK too. (The oppo won't last forever)

So in a nutshell; please report atmos and dsd 5.1 over HDMI compatible network devices.