DVD/DTS Poll Black Sabbath - Paranoid [DTS/DD DVD+2CD]


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Rate the Audio-DVD of Black Sabbath - PARANOID

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To paraphrase my Amazon review:

Disc 2 is an Audio DVD and NOT a DVD Audio (no MLP) or SACD, this amount to a disappointment for me of this set. While it is nice to have a version of the original QUAD mix for the album it is only in lossy DTS and is not from a very good source. So full marks for effort in providing this disc but marks dropped for not getting a better source. That said the quad mix does open up the sound field quite a lot and manages to enhance the power of the original album on many of the tracks. Also of concern for a deluxe edition where you expect good sound quality the stereo track on the disc is lossy Dolby Digital rather than high bit rate LPCM as stated on the cover of the package?

really missed oppertunities.
I voted it a 7 for CONTENT because of the bonus outtakes that I have waited almost 40 years to hear, not audio quality of the quad mix. In that category exclusively it would rate a 5.
I gave it a 7 simply due to the fact I have never heard so much mud before in my life. Had to turn the treble up all the way to get it to sound half way decent.The stereo cd its self was fine but was super disappointed when it came to the Quad mix. I don`t think it matters that its encoded in DTS. I never heard an actual vinyl pressing of this so I don`t know if this what it originally sounded like then or Are the record companies not taking any pride in multitrack recordings anymore? All I know is I feel like I was ripped off.
I gave it a 3 - and that was being generous! As a package it is flawed. Sonically, from a surround sound perspective, it is absolutely dreadful. One of the biggest multi-channel disappointments I can think of. 've amassed nearly 100 SACD's, DVD-Audio's, DTS discs, and various multi-channel DVD-video's and it is the very worst I can think of, off the top of my head
As I believe that this is a surround music poll, then I judge it on that....and on that score I give it the surround vote of death...1..

but my real dissapointment is that there are no provisions in this poll for giving a minus score....there really is nothing positive about this pathetic quad transfer, so even giving it 1 is a score in the wrong direction.....the urge for scoring minus is great with this box of expensive drink coaters.(n)(n)(n)....
I give it a good, solid 1... at least for the quad.
It's the biggest piece of shite I've heard on a disc in years.
My CD-4 LP sounds better...
They could have borrowed mine instead of the one they used!
They couldn't get a reel to reel copy?????????

The version floating around on DVD-A sounds 10 times better.
I love Sabbath, but this was a disappointment.

A 10 'cos it's Sabbath,
a 10 for the unreleased stuff.
BUT.... a 1 for the quad mix, AND
a minus 5 for the laziness of the people involved for
a needle drop from a CD-4 disc... and a bad one at that. :(


I've always suspected that too many involved in the reissue biz are lazy know-nothings. Now I'm sure.
I've amassed nearly 100 SACD's, DVD-Audio's, DTS discs, and various multi-channel DVD-video's and it is the very worst I can think of, off the top of my head

You obviously don't have the Silverline From the Front Row 10CC Live then! A totally great band and a absolutely unlistenable DVD-Audio. This release of Paranoid quadraphonic is really good by comparison!!! It's not good of course, given the possibilities of taking the original tapes from the 70's and making fantastic discs - Brain Salad Surgery for example.
I think the mix is pretty good (I give it a 7) even if at times you can almost picture the mix engineer stretching over the desk to move the faders up or down in time (it does sound a little amateur in places). But it's true that it is pretty murky/ distorted in places, so I can well believe that it was transferred from a dodgy vinyl copy. So I agree with others that it is a real shame that this is not a better transfer. The visuals work quite well, though: they are not too boring but are also not too distracting. (Slowly moving images of old record sleeves.)
Having not heard any other multi-channel mix of this album, I can't pass comment on how it compares. Overall, I gave it a 7 based on content. It's not awful, not by a long shot. My benchmark for truly awful is the abomination that is the unofficial, yet legal, Gary Numan 'Anthology' DVD-A.

This is nice to have, but not a show stopper by any stretch of the imagination.
I picked up a used copy of this set for $15 so no matter how bad the mix is I won't feel too bad.
A lost opportunity. The Quad mix doesn't even sound like Quad. It sounds like duplicated stereo.

On top of that the sound quality is atrocious.
Yeah avoid this one. I don't know if it's the lossy format that destroys the sound but the quad mix on this disc sure doesn't sound like the quad mix. I honestly thought it was a bootleg at first. The Q8 is worlds better. The Q4 is best of course.
Actually it's a Quad mix repurposed for 5.1(I gave it a 7 because it sounds nowhere as bad asyoumake it out to be imho).
I thought this was a joke when I first heard it. Are they serious. Did anyone listen to this prior to release. What's the matter, can't find the original master. It's probably sitting in a vault somewhere collecting dust. Too bad they didn't contact me. I could have supplied them with a better master as I have both the reel to reel and a factory sealed cd-4 disc.
Boy, am I happy! I just found the 5.1 DVD from this set in an unmarked case for $1.00 at my local used book and record store! I haven't listened to it yet, but I was curious to see what you all thought of it.


I guess I got ripped off.

I'll listen to it once anyway. : )

J. D.
I must be listening to a different mix. It doesn't get more discrete than this. It is a little muddy, but I think the original stereo sounds like poo, so this might be a minor improvement sonically. A bit hissy at times. Tiny bit lacking in kick drum definition. Did I hear an LP pop-type sound during a quiet part? Hmmm... No reference disc, but maybe a solid 7. Maybe 8 if you're in to doomy rock.
Is it possible there are different mixes out there. I can't remember the source of this rip (if you sent it to me, thank you). My receiver shows this as true 4.0.