DVD/DTS Poll Black Sabbath - Paranoid [DTS/DD DVD+2CD]


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Rate the Audio-DVD of Black Sabbath - PARANOID

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I was expecting to give this one a very low score. But when you stop and think about the voting criteria that is supposed to be used when casting a vote, I come up with a 7. Go figure...

30% SURROUND MIX - How good is this mix? 7
30% AUDIO FIDELITY - How does it sound? 4
30% CONTENT - Do you like it. Is it good music. Will you go back to it again? 9
10% OVERALL PACKAGE - Format, packaging, other things you like or don't like about it. 9
I voted 7. My version has an interesting background parade of images and sounds great in surround -- in fact, there is a very different mix of some songs.

"Planet Caravan" is wonderfully stony :smokin

Compared to Sgt. Pepper's, I'd even go higher to an 8, but let's not go overboard all the time. . . .

LOL! I hear you. Caravan is one of my all time favorite stoner songs. It sure gets the “job” done when needed. [emoji51]

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Just received my copy. It was a bit more than 1€, I just ripped it and listened to Iron Man in quad ...

... until I was over-ruled by the rest of the family to watch some ballet :D

To be continued...

I would have taken that interlude to go begin work on my dedicated listening room / man cave. You know, a place where Black Sabbath is NEVER interrupted by ballet :)
This is one of the few polls that has every number(1-10) represented by a vote...and with 46 votes that's not easy...after a brief analysis of the votes on this poll I have come to the conclusion that a lot of people are still getting stoned:ROFLMAO:

I'm gonna edit my post so its legit for being on a poll thread...

I vote a 4 on this. Its basically for the content and some of the stereo stuff. The surround mix of this release is sonically poor and easily bested by a transfer of the original Q4.

fairies do wear boots (y)

That's my story and i'm stickin to it.:cool:
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Boy, am I happy! I just found the 5.1 DVD from this set in an unmarked case for $1.00 at my local used book and record store! I haven't listened to it yet, but I was curious to see what you all thought of it.


I guess I got ripped off.

I'll listen to it once anyway. : )

J. D.
Could you please post of picture of this DVD 5.1 of Black Sabbath Paranoid....I'd appreciate it greatly......thanks for your cooperation in this matter in advance. :QQlove
Yes I know, but I'd like to get a picture of it so I know how to distinguish it from the Quad :D

In the future, you may want to check Discogs first :)

Sabbath Paranoid DVD.jpg
Sorry for bumping an old thread but I just got this release today and my "quad" mix, is actually a 5.1 mix, with information in all 6 channels. From screenshots earlier in this thread, it looks like some discs actually were 4 channel quad mixes. Can anyone point me to which release has the proper 4 channel quad mix? (even if it sounds like garbage) Thanks!