Blur "The Ballad Of Darren" (Blu-Ray with Dolby Atmos mix shipping 7/21)


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OK, got ahead of myself. After hearing 1 of the videos above, yes, I've heard Blur before. Yet, don't know anything about them. I now see this SDE release is their new album. So, no hits. From the past anyway. Paul did post one of the songs, and I really like it. Hmmm. Probably not enough to order. I dunno.... :hi
Well, I've checked out all the videos above and they aren't bad. I've checked out the new song "The Narcissist" as well and it's OK.
I will have to think about it.

Edit: I see the vinyl and CD available for pre-order on Amazon, so I may wait to see if this blu-ray shows up in the next couple of weeks because, all things equal, it may be significantly less expensive (especially with shipping costs).
I know they didn't really make much of a dent in the US so I can understand why there are some people here who've never heard of them, but Blur were one of the titans of the early-'90s Britpop scene, alongside Oasis (probably the most commercially successful of the bunch), Suede, Pulp, Elastica, The Verve, etc. It's hard to find an exact US comparable, and this kind of music is quite outside my usual wheelhouse but I've always thought of them as possessing some of the same sonic qualities and songwriting sensibilities as Weezer did in their early days.

Really hope the announcement of this title means we might see Atmos mixes of some early Blur albums like 1991's Leisure or Modern Life is Rubbish (one of my favourite album titles) from 1993.