Camel – Air Born: The MCA & Decca Years 1973-1984 (box set with 5 albums in 5.1 on blu-ray)


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Well, last week I decided to finally open and listen to the box set! After carefully opening it and sort of glancing through it I opened the section that holds the blu rays…and to my dismay Disc 29 the Blu ray “Music inspired by the Snow Goose and Moonmadness” was missing..!!

I wrote to , today I heard back that they are ordering the blu ray and they will replace it.
Now, that’s what I call customer service!
I’m sticking with them for the long run, they have never disappointed me. So feel free to deal with them.
I wonder how something like that least they will make good to you.
For the latest Pineapple Thief earbook (It Leads To This), after spot-checking and finding it absent, Kscope preemptively included an extra CD1 with all preorders through Burning Shed (and maybe other retailers) "in case something here is missing." It can happen.