DVD/DTS Poll Caravan - In The Land Of Grey And Pink (Steven Wilson 5.1 Mix) [DD DVD+2CD]


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Rate the Audio-DVD of Caravan - IN THE LAND OF GREY AND PINK

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If this was a DVD-Audio disc, then I would've given it a 10 cause once again, SW's given us a fantastic mix.

Universal should've at least given us a DTS (96/24) track.
If this was a DVD-Audio disc, then I would've given it a 10 cause once again, SW's given us a fantastic mix.

Universal should've at least given us a DTS (96/24) track.

I totally agree it may be one of the best sound dolby digital mixes I ahve heard but its still lacking something and its not the mix which is exemplary as usual from the guv'ner.
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Agreed, 1 point off for being Dolby. The mix? One of the finest to my ears and I love the music, others may not be as enthusiatic. It took several listens back in the day, but it really grew on you. John
I gave it a nine, one point off because its not lossless. A great mix, good music and lots of bonuses. I like the vintage german TV video
My guess is that this was something he liked when he was young. The mix and sound are fine.
The content is a little light IMHO. Still worth an 8 from me.
This was an eight for me. Would have garnished a 9 if there was something other than Dolby. Really like the mix, and the music. Foot tapping feel good music...
I gave it a 9. Excellent mix, great music (I am a progressive rock fan, so perhaps biased), but I had to take a point off for using Dolby Digital.

DD is such a sin (IMO) that I considered an 8. But, I had to add a point for the excellent SW stereo mix. Did anyone else find the SW stereo mix (found on the DVD) much better than the original mix (remastered) on the CD? To my ears, it sounds more natural, while the remaster seemed to have too much noise reduction applied. And, the remaster is much louder and "in your face". The SW mix is much more appropriate for the laid-back style of the music. I ripped the SW stereo mix from the DVD so I could listen to it over my squeezebox.

How I wish that both mixes were available in lossless....

A 6 from me.
GREAT MIX BUT it's FREAKIN' DULLBEE!!!!!(WTF?), so 30 yards penalty!
Not a big fan of the music (bought it blindly and promptly sold/traded it), although it has its charms...
Great for Caravan fans , but not my cup of tea...compared to other bands they were not up to par musically IMO...got boring after a while...
Still, glad to see a SW mix...
10. I love this album and I loved the 5.1, regardless of the DD downgrade. A cerebral and expansive mix throughout and Wilson really nails the dynamics of this complex album. Like ES, he knows how to use the centre and as ever the rears balance beautifully against the fronts. Of course diligent QQers will have made this a 4 disc set by now :smokin
I have been giving this another spin as there is a little hiatus in 5.1 releases at the moment. I am enjoying it a lot more than the first time round. Quirky lyrics and interesting melodies with hints of Moody Blues prog in there. This is only Dolby 5.1 but honestly SW has extracted the maximum benefit from this medium and it sounds better than a lot of DVD-A recordings I have. It is well worth getting, it sounds different from anything else in my collection and Golf Girl has to go down as one of the most catchy silly songs ever, but it sounds great in 5.1
I'm still amazed (but thrilled) that this LP received a SW remix since Caravan is not a well-known act. This is my favorite of theirs and it perfectly captures the whimsy and 'Englishness' common to many Canterbury bands. The stereo and 5.1 mixes are wonderful as are the bonus mixes (the alternate Nine Feet Underground is great fun - full of surprises). Yes, a shame about the Dolby but honestly it sounds pretty darn good - good enough never to be a distraction for me. 10
The all-important comments... Oh my.
Well, this is a dem fine release. A dem fine one.
A booklet with cool photos and words you can read with the right spectacles.
Cool, pink art.
Veddy nice mix. I don't think it has a chance to "wow" until 9 Feet Unda. Holds its own until then. Nice n' spacious.
Two bonus drink coasters. I keed. I keed. Kewl bonuss tracks I may listen to someday.
Mixed in Dubly. That's some cool shit. Reduces noise or something.
Make sure the sub is in fine working order before lettin this piggy out o' the pen.
Funny songs about not getting laid! Write about what you know, right?
Band feels a bit limited. They're really good. Not sure I'd say they're great. But this is great for what it is. tee hee
This is one of quite a few albums I learned about on Prog Review (Darren Lock YouTube series). Love 'im, 'ate 'im, but he is educational.
But Seriously... This is worth it for 9 Feet alone.
Oh, I voted 9. 1/4 point off for Doubly (I prefer quadly, quintly or sextly). 1/4 off 'cause I had to buy cee-dees. 1/4 point off because mah-fuggah built his keyboard rack out of press board. 1/4 off juss b-cuz.
In hindsight, I wish I would have voted lower on this release.
Music and mix gets full points, but I don't understand why I gave this release that many points for fidelity seeing as how this Dullby DVD-V disc represents around 1/10th of the quality of a lossless DVD-A or Blu-Ray disc.
It's really worth around a '7', but we all make mistakes.

*EDIT* I thought I gave it a '9', but I actually voted '8', so not as much of an error in voting as I thought.
Could there possibly have been a good reason for the DD release?
Maybe the tapes were digitized crappily, then degraded, so resolution above DD would just reveal defects?
Just trying to understand it.