DTS-CD's. What's your latest?


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The DTS CD’s still sound great !! Eagles “Hell Freezes Over”, Steely Dan “Gaucho”, Toy Matinee, Lyle Lovett “Joshua Judges Ruth”, Patrick Leonard “Rivers”, Queen “A Night At The Opera” Sting “Brand New Day”, Police “Every Breath You Take”, Sheryl Crowe “Globe Sessions” Alan Parsons “On Air”. Also the quads that Brad Miller’s High Definition Surround JV with DTS, Allman Bros “Live At The Filmore”, Wings, Eric Clapton, as he licensed several of original Quad mixes, and I believe Alan Parsons, and Bob Margouleff helped derive a 5.1 of most of those.
I bought Manfred Mann's Earth Band's "Watch" when it came out, my LP always had a click roughly half way through side 2, if I listen to my CD my brain adds the click in the same place!
Same happened to me with Kiss Dynaty, my vinyl would jump into the drum break, shortening it, while retaining tempo and metric (weird). of "I was made for lovin you". Each time I hear that song (not that often), I find myself thinking damn, that break is wrongly long here (especially when musically the content is weak).
Just arrived in the mail this afternoon.

Alain Mallet - Mutt Slang DTS CD...Etrain Records EJ 001

Ha--well, I was never a big Sting fan, but for that price I wasn't about to leave it sitting there. Didn't realize it was such a bargain! Plus, it's got some great jazz cats playing on it.
I have it, doubt I've listened to it more than twice. But I'm a surround collector, so....

Actually I have two Sting DVDA's as well. Couldn't tell you one song on any of them.
Actually I think that Sting album is not bad and what a bargain!
He does seem to use the odd jazz artist on his recordings , and Stevie Wonder appears on his DTS cd of A Brand New Day.

My favourite DTS CD is his Ten Summoner Tales , my favourite surround mix is on that one...."St Augustine In Hell" , what with narrator parts coming at you from different speakers.
And this disc I reviewed yesterday as well . Wasn't expecting much out of this album except Opera with guests.

But surprisingly it isn't like that at all . A few Eric Clapton tracks and Sheryl Crow but my favourite track is when Elton John sings his hit single.... from Too Low For Zero :

"I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues"

Pavarotti And Friends For War Child

Scored a sealed copy of the Ohio Players' Honey at Crossroads Music in Portland today. (Together with a NM/VG+ copy of David Crosby's If I Could Only Remember My Name. Twenty bucks a piece!) Totally worth a long bike ride on a rainless autumn day. I stopped a couple of times for refreshments at breweries along the way....