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When this album first appeared in 1976, I blindly bought it because of positive reviews. At that time I listened a lot to Genenis, Jethro Tull and Yes. Music that I still appreciate very much. This Gentle Giant LP didn't come out of its cover much. I gave the record its moments, but it didn't come to great appreciation and it remained my only introduction to Gentle Giant for a long time.

Today I see it very differently. My musical taste has evolved. I now own the modern blu ray releases “Three Piece Suite”, “Free Hand”, “The Power and the Glory” and “Octopus”

I really enjoy the music and the surround mixes made by a certain Mr. Wilson. With the current edition of 'Interview' I cannot avoid a renewed acquaintance. I'm glad I took that step. Now the music, but certainly also the presentation and the new mix fascinates me enormously. A well deserved 10.
I've also voted 8. I generally want to be more generous and give 9s and 10s when the surround mixes are great (and are released in reasonably priced formats instead of expensive box sets), but the music is also very important. This is one of my least favourite Gentle Giant's albums. I listened to the Atmos mix a couple of times, plus I listened to the stereo mix while communing, but that's it for me. There are too many weak tracks. I have been far more entertained by other recent releases (Ultravox's Quartet, ABC's Lexicon, Jethro Tull's Broadsword).

Great mixes anyway, and a must-own for any Gentle Giant fan. I am always supportive of stand-alone releases on Blu-ray.