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Oct 31, 2008
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Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2017 release from Gentle Giant entitled "Three Piece Suite".
This collection includes stereo & 5.1 surround remixes by Steven Wilson of tracks from the band's first three albums: "Gentle Giant", "Acquiring the Taste", and "Three Friends".

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My response will be delayed :( --

We are very sorry to say that despite ordering our copies of this album three weeks ago they have still not arrived from Germany.
We have now been advised that they will be here on Monday and we will pack/ship everything for immediate despatch.

Please accept our humble apologies for the delay and any inconvenience this may cause.

Kind regards

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I'm listening to it now and it's another home run imho.[cool visuals btw]......these Gentle Giant Blu rays never disappoint.[this one deserves a 10+]......supposedly the store I bought it from received it yesterday.[Steve Wilson outdid himself on this mix imho......and in quite a good way]
Yes . wow . just got home with this in my mailbox from Bull Moose.. It does sound good with visuals. I just love Pantagruels Nativity
....:worthy Clear :51banana::smokin
the first three GG albums never were my favorites, but here the featured songs really shine. The 5.1 mix is really, really great and I'm hearing things I wasn't aware of before. Add to this the inventive graphics (particularly when they go nuts during Peel The Paint), and the generous bonus content, there can only be one result: 10 points from Germany.
Had to make it unanimous, or anonymous.... never heard these three albums but its a real varied mix of song tempos that flow together very well.....like a 10 song suite almost by design. Perhaps lucky that the masters were missing for the others? :confused: Seems more melodic than some of their later stuff and the lead guitar playing is very tasty in spots. So I give it a 10 for the tunes, mix wise its 10 and for sonic clarity I don't have any complaints.
The first '10' I've ever awarded! In fact, it should probably be an '11'.

The first three GG albums are among my favourites, and although I would have obviously preferred the complete albums in 5.1, this is a package that is a dream come true. The musical content is a '10', the surround mix is a '10' (as we have come to expect from Steven Wilson) and the SQ is a '10'. The overall package is a bargain, considering it also contains a flat transfer of the full length albums in 96/24, and they have never sounded better. It even has visuals too.

It is encouraging to see that some people are experiencing GG for the first time and liking them, via this release. I would recommend to anyone that enjoys surround sound to purchase this set (especially considering the bargain price) whether fans of GG or not. You will hopefully discover the true genius of GG and maybe become a fan too.
And 3 albums in one are SO nice!!!!

For those who like the Octopus surroundmix I can recommend a 4.1 upmix (added a little multiband compressor to get the sound closer to the 5.1 mix) of the stereo only numbers and you got 3 lovely surround albums! Just takes a little work in Audacity (or Cubase):)

Brilliant music in my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Listening to it now . . . if I gave it a 9, it was because the first song was a bit muddy, not the fault of anyone but the original equipment, but it rapidly improves!

I discovered GG -- not counting the early 70s appearance on national tv on Friday night, where they marched around like little midgets in dwarf costume (mind-blowing at the time) -- by OCTOPUS, and it is very nice to have the first three albums on blu ray. Collecting the SW mixes of this group, for sure :smokin
I vote 9. Good music, and a great surround mux. Really enjoy this release. Great bonus of getting all three albums in stereo also.
I love Gentle Giant's new collection Three Piece Suite. The songs that Steven Wilson remixed in 5.1 are fantastic and it's great to have flat-transfers of the first three GG albums (Gentle Giant, Acquiring The Taste & Three Friends) as extras on the Blu-Ray (and these albums sound terrific on this set as well). I proudly give it a 10!
Right, that's it. Order in at Burning Shed, haven't had a dose of GG for many a year.. Reviews are to tempting to pass on this one..
I gave the set a 9. Fantastic content! Haven't had a chance to listen to the surround mixes yet, but what has been remixed, Mister Wilson has indeed, hit another home run! Also think the Flat Transfers are fantastic as well. Actually have picked up little things that I never really paid attention in previous remasters, etc. And blending them with the remixes on each album doesn't sound that bad at all. They still flow nicely IMHO. :)
I really enjoyed this, kinda wondered if SW took the liberties to make a more aggressive mix than others would since it's just kinda random scraps of what is available. It's not like people had a specific expectation for the mix like Sgt Peppers or something so hey why not make it super discrete and crazy for people that like it that way, it definitely fits the band's vibe.
I saw them live back in my 80s NYC days and have been a fan since my 70s college radio days where Octopus and Acquiring the Taste got regular play on my show. Yet somehow I never knew the little tidbit revealed in the booklet that Reg Dwight, aka Elton John, played keys in the Shulman brothers earlier band Simon Dupree and the Big Sound and auditioned to be in GG. Consider my mind blown.

I enjoyed the quote-filled booklet essay, and the stereo masters of the first three albums in their entirety are a great inclusion especially considering I'd never heard their first album (and you call yourself a fan).

The SW mixes are, as always, excellent. Unlike some SW-remixed albums where I can hear shortcomings in the source multitracks, Tony Visconti et al knew their stuff and what Steven Wilson has wrung from this 45+ years old material sounds great. Like all the GG remixes I'm grateful and astonished that this exists.

I appreciate that they found a way to take what was available and create a unique collection of non-upmixed GG material, correctly judging that none of these albums had enough multitracks available to justify a stand-alone surround release. Octopus was borderline in that regard, although the upmixes were pretty damn good. The visuals aren't as consistent as on The Power and the Glory, but they have their moments and Peel the Paint is pretty great; both beat the writhing tentacles that make me keep my screen off when listening to Octopus.

Looping menu music, never a good idea, but it's not as bad as Sgt. Pepper.

I don't usually do the 'rate from 1-10' thing, but since I'm in this thread guess I will try. If I were rating this musically in comparison to other GG remixes to date I would give it 8- it isn't their strongest work. When I factor in the labor of love factor evident in the whole presentation and the fact that you get three complete albums in stereo in addition to the surround tracks, I'll bump it up to 9. Gotta save 10 for perfection if and when it happens.
I saw them live back in my 80s NYC days and have been a fan since my 70s college radio days where Octopus and Acquiring the Taste got regular play on my show. Yet somehow I never knew the little tidbit revealed in the booklet that Reg Dwight, aka Elton John, played keys in the Shulman brothers earlier band Simon Dupree and the Big Sound and auditioned to be in GG. Consider my mind blown.

They disbanded in mid-1980 right after touring the States...you must have seen them on their last tour!