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Rate the DVD-A of Jakszyk Fripp Collins - A KING CRIMSON PROJEKCT A SCARCITY OF..

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Mar 2, 2002
Please post your thoughts and comments on this DVD-Audio release. A King Crimson ProjeKct, A Scarcity Of Miracles is the debut release from (Jakko) Jakszyk, (Robert) Fripp, and (Mel) Collins.

I see the usual band of suspects were credited with the DVD QC testing; Jon Urban, Bob Romano, Bob Squires, Patrick Cleasby, Tim McDonnel & Chris Gerhard. Along with DVD Authoring & Assembly by Neil Wilkes at Opus Productions Ltd. Cudos guys! It's almost like I know a few celebrities.

After one time through, there is some real ear candy here, excellent mix!
I didn't realize the poll was up so this is a duplicate post from the previous thread; gave it a 9 - 10 for mix and fidelity/8 for content.

Still trying to wrap my head around this one (or is it the other way). Anyway, I agree with Dennis - recording/mix wise - pure ear candy. I'm less interested than some others here in defining this as a King Crimson title because it's really only the music that matters. While no great revelation (it's mentioned in the liner notes), it definitely appears that this project is based on Fripp & Jakko's improvs - with Fripp on Soundscapes and Jakko on Guitar (my impression on first listen was Soundscapes with additional instruments and bit more structure). While I have no way of knowing for sure, I get the sense that Fripp is sitting back a bit on this one - and that Jakko is taking the lead creating the song structures for the improvs to take shape. The playing of Levin, Harrison, and Collins is top notch. I do find bits of Collins "Branford Marsalis like" sax playing to be a little too present at times and wish that he would have contributed more of the cool little sax sections that show up here and there - that style is a bit incongruous to some of the more proggy bits - but he's still a good player. The good thing is that there is much depth - many things to discover and most importantly - music that continues to reveal itself upon repeated listens.
So , there, I gave it a 10 since it had only got some "paltry" 9s...
I listened to it today and the first song sounded like ....
BILL NELSON!!!!!(I LOVE Bill Nelson!)
well, at least the latest stuff he's been doing...
Is it just me or do I need my meds again?
I really like the vibe it starts with, but then it turns slowly into KCrimsonish territory, which is good because it evolves into something different!

As always, the usual gang of "idiots" ( I mean it as a reference to the "Classic Mad Magazine" credits, so I mean it with lots o' love!) do a WONDERFUL JOB on the QC, (hey, I know these guys!..well not personally, but , close enough!),
the mix is excellent, balanced soundstage, , no extra bass or treble...only insignificant gripe...couldn't they have changed the photo for each song? Kinda boring having Señor Roberto Frippo there all the time(ok, so I switched off the TV after the 2nd song....and Jakko would not be a pretty sight , sorry JJ, you are a great singer/artist/engineer but you ain't no adonis...)..
I also can not stand the Artwork!!! I know it's RF's favorite artist, but...can't we have something different?

Another exemplary DVD-Audio from the DGM gang!!! Do buy it!
Came in the mail while I was away on vacation (and seeing Steven Wilson with Blackfield!) so just spinning it this morning for the first time.

First off, I am *not* a fan of Mel Collins and not much of a Jakko fan either. So far, I'm finding Jakko to be pretty good on this though, he suits the music. Mel however (at least for me) adds nothing and I'd love to hear the album with his stuff removed - I'd probably like it a whole lot more. Maybe it'll grow on me some more after repeated listens but I suspect not.

Sound quality and surround mix are super though, as I'd expect.


Sound/Mix - 10
Music - 6

Overall I'm giving it 7 since I weigh the music as more than the mix
Agree with the others in terms of the mix and sound quality, both are very well done indeed. This one will take repeated listenings though to truly enjoy the music..I found the title track and The Other Man to be the best....the rest seemed all too much in a similar vein/mood/tempo. I have no problems with Mr. Collin's sax.....take that out and on most of the song there would be zero melody. Now the Jakko voice stylings....maybe my ears were pre-programmed to expect Greg Lake or John Wetton, but they heard more of a Christopher Cross. I'll listen again before the vote but it sounds about like an 8 overall for me.
Good sound, interesting music. 2 times through I agree: without the sax this gets a 5.
Hello. I gave it an 8. I'm trying to restrain myself with my rating. I used to be 10 10 10 guy, but now feel with benchmark offerings (Porcupine Tree) setting the aural precedent, I want my rating to be more realistic. Great 5.1 mix here, as well as content. Fantastic bass sound from Tony Levin. Good package and price from Burning Shed. Thanks.
Still listening since the day it was released, and its a beautiful album. I like the sax work, but it would also have been nice to hear some flute from Mr. Collins. The soundscapes wash over you thru the speakers. So glad to see surround sound getting attention in the days of mp3s.

I prefer this lineup and album as a nice fresh start with Crimson, just as the other periods started fresh. I like the Belew years, but feel they have run their course...and got a much longer run than the Sinfield and Wetton years which I prefer. But this band sounds much more promising. This is definitely a band I would like to see live. I really hope this means more from this lineup. Levin is fantastic, Harrison is the best drummer since Bruford, and Jakko can deliver the hooks (I loved his solo album, more hooks than this one but this band is better).
A stunning surround mix and a great new possible direction for King Crimson. The extra tracks on the DVDA are really interesting mixes of the material, which show how the tracks evolved to their final state. "The Light of Day" (extra track mix)is particularly interesting with an audible percussion track and even flute from Mel Collins
It's not Pop nor Rock nor Jazz ... but then again, it combines all of that.
A very nice sounding album, outstanding musicianship and a good surround mix too. Much more accessible than King Crimson if you ask me.
I can't quite get into this one for some reason that I can't put my finger on. Great sonics and appropriate mix elevate this disc but I can only give it a 7 overall due to the music itself. Still, I recommend that folks check it out!
I like this much more than I expected: great sound and surround, of course, great music - but also great extras. While on some of the KC reissues I maybe listen to those once or twice, here the alternative mixes and improvs really shine on their own. I give it a 9
I really can't add to what Big Stevie has already said..it pretty much sums up the experience for me..it was very enjoyable!
I was listening to this again last night. It took a bit to get the channels balanced all around, as they are all used, but it was well worth it. There was a very solid presence of the music as being 'in the room', rather than coming from the various speakers, which was pretty amazing. The music lent itself to some great late night, lights out listening. 10/10 for me.
I was listening to this again last night. It took a bit to get the channels balanced all around, as they are all used, but it was well worth it. There was a very solid presence of the music as being 'in the room', rather than coming from the various speakers, which was pretty amazing. The music lent itself to some great late night, lights out listening. 10/10 for me.

Yes. This is a really great surroun mix. I love it also and gave 10 points. :)
If you liked Storm Corrosion, you'll appreciate this one, I am.

??? Aside from the superb sound quality and nice mixes, there's very very little in common between those two releases imho. Both may be on the "calmer" side of things but to generalize, JFC falls more towards the "MOR" side whereas Storm Corrosion is the darker moodier stuff. Not to say one is bad or good though I personally prefer Storm Corrosion but I really can't free with liking one means liking the other.
Thanks guys. I just ordered this from Amazon. Just a few left. Look forward to my first listen!