Jethro Tull 5.1 (“Bursting Out” box set with Steven Wilson 5.1 mixes out in June 2024!)


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Ordered Bursting Out boxset from BShed. Quite pricey for my pocket... But as history shows these JT books are good investment.💰
I truly dislike most live albums. Nearly all in fact. But I have the rest of the set complete. How can I not buy it?
As I've gotten older, the appeal of live albums has mostly disappeared for me also. When I was a kid with only enough dough for one record, a live album always had all the good songs on it, sound quality and a possible sloppy performance be damned. But what might get me to bite on this one is the inclusion of the video content. That, plus I have all the others so.....
I love the energy that live music can reach with inspired performance. And that does happen in the studio sometimes. Obviously I love the level of audio delivery of the studio. I like it when it works! However and wherever.
Bursting Out (The Inflated Edition)

I enjoyed the 5.1, hope all enjoy it too.
Hi this just ambient audience in the rears or is it 16/24 track recordings with spacial instruments ?
Hi this just ambient audience in the rears or is it 16/24 track recordings with spacial instruments ?
I'm asked to limit my info. Active rear channels.😇
The Bern show was recorded on a 24-track, while the rest of the shows were recorded on an 8-track. Ian Anderson recalled going through "hours and hours" of recordings in order to select the best takes. Additional sweetening was done at Maison Rouge Studio in June 1978.
I have already reserved it on Amazon Spain for 67 euros. On June 27th I will have these albums at home. With a 15 euro discount voucher, I got the Bursting Out Inflated Edition for 52 euros
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Jethro Tull is my dad's favorite band, so I pretty much grew up with this album. Great show! I'm glad they are releasing a box of this as I wasn't expecting we would ever get a remix of this one. The CD releases always bugged me because on the original US release they removed "Conundrum", as well as "Quatrain" and "Sweet Dream". Because of this I ordered the UK 2 disc version, but on that one they had a space for applause between "Quatrain" and "Aqualung". On the album they run together with no space between the two tracks.