Jethro Tull 5.1 (“Bursting Out” box set with Steven Wilson 5.1 mixes out in June 2024!)


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Despite having pre-ordered this when it became available, amazon now shows shipping Nov 22 and beyond. So for 1 dollar more, I ordered from Bull Moose as they show it "In Stock" and shipping 5 to 14 days to my house. Amazon stuff is probably in a container off the coast of California.
You could also have pre-ordered when it became available from ImportCD. You would have paid less money than Amazon charged you, and it would be either in your hands or traveling to you right now.
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Yay , I got a notice this morning that now The Shed will also carry the new Jethro Tull -The Zealot Gene... in 5.1 of course I guessed it might be.

Looking forward to the new edition of J T -Benefit . FWIW it's my favourite Jethro Tull album .

Keep em coming Ian ! :)
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The Benefit stock situation seems to be in major flux right now. Many sites such as importcds and bullmoose are currently showing a status of backordered, and for US customers, sites in the UK (burningshed, amazon UK, etc) that have it in stock are eye-watering expensive when you tack on shipping to the US. Amazon US is also still changing - not too long ago it showed unavailable, then switched to import only from third parties with a Dec. delivery date, and now shows back and available with Prime for a Nov. 22 delivery date. Since I was able to apply a whole bunch of Prime points, and I already own the older collector's edition, I'm hanging on to my original order. It seems like it will eventually arrive, but the question is when. I may still switch to another vendor if I see it available and at a fairly reasonable price. Such are the crappy times we live in.
I said this earlier somewhere. I pre-ordered from Import CD. The entire time from the release date onward it said it was backordered. But my copy and several others who have reported here, have been received or have been shipped. I think they are all playing CYA.
Which Teacher do you all like, the UK or the US version?

I like the US version!

Which Teacher do you all like, the UK or the US version?

I like the US version!
The US version is the one I grew up with, and probably you did too. So I like the US version as well. Is it the opposite in the UK? I'm trying to think of other tracks that had a US and UK version. I'm coming up empty. I mean of course there are different albums with different tracks, but different versions of the same track?
FWIW I picked my copy up at a local retailer.

Had to feed my Jethro Tull "OCD Syndrome" , plus it's my favourite Tull album , and no harm done , I always wanted a second Benefit .

Now on to Zealot Gene , and hopefully someday Ian and Steven will further feed my OCD surround collection with ;