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This thread will let everyone share what you're listening to today from the world of Super Audio CD (SACD) in Stereo (or Mono)....
First up here is the Kevin Gray remastered SACD edition of the classic album Dusty In Memphis by Dusty Springfield. Worth a listen for Dusty fans !

Dusty In Memphis - 300w.jpg
Dusty In Memphis - Dusty Springfield (Analogue Productions Hybrid Stereo SACD CAPP 8214 SA)
I've only listened to Tribute a couple times. The fidelity is good for its' age. Perhaps I need to listen to it more, although I've owned this title for nearly 10 years. With as rabid as my buying habits are, it's difficult to give anything heavy rotation. Although I have most of Sam's output, I would prefer to listen to Lady Day perform this material.

Good ones there!

How is Tribute to a Lady in Stereo SACD? It wasn't issued on SACD in the U.S. but I hear it has just been reissued on SACD in the U.K.
May have to get that one this time! :)
Jacintha sings hits from Hollywood movies in this Hybrid Layer Stereo SACD

Jacintha Goes to Hollywood.jpg
Jacintha Goes to Hollywood (Groove Note Stereo SACD GRV 1040-3)
Young at Heart - Tony Williams Japan SACD

You're Under Arrest (so you better shut up) - Miles Japan SACD

Mike Marshall - Gator Strut SACD

Mussorgsky: Pix at Exhibition - Maazel/Cleveland SACD One of the early Telarc digitals. Great performance!

Gasoline Alley - Rod Stewart Japan SHM-SACD

Now's the Time - Charlie Parker Japan SACD Fidelity is exceptional for its' day. Beats my CD Bird box on Verve.

Regarding the Laura Nyro SACD, it is superb. If you like her at all, YOU NEED IT! Musically, I prefer Eli, New York Tendaberry, Christmas & Beads of Sweat (w/Duane Allman & Felix Caviliere), Smile and Mother's Spiritual. I had the pleasure of seeing her twice at Chicago's Vic. A true genius.
This one brings back memories - the debut album by America. Although I don't remember it sounding this good when it originally was released!
Another fine remastering job by Steve Hoffman on the Audio Fidelity label.

America - 300.jpg
America - America (Hybrid Stereo SACD, Audio Fidelity AFZ 167)