Listening to Now (In Surround) - Volume 2


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Just received these 2 SACD's, both sound fantastic so far IMG_2980.jpgIMG_2978.jpg
From DGG [3 RBCDs/1 Pure Audio BD~A in Dolby ATMOS/DTS~HD~MA 5.1/Stereo] Glorious musicmaking on a GRAND SCALE. Includes a LIVE CONCERT on a separate BD~V of all 5 Concertos in Dolby ATMOS, as well!

My copy just arrived, will be interesting to compare to his live versions made 30+ years ago, 3-5 with Bernstein and 1+2 conducted from the keyboard, available on DVD.
Joni Mitchell's box of Asylum albums from 1972-75 arrived, and i listened to them all in chronological order, finishing with my favorite of hers (and the first i bought as a freshman in high school!). I felt compelled to follow up by listening to a .flac i have of the CD-4:


I remain hopeful that a physical release of Joni quad mixes is in our future! Review on our 9.05 poll thread.

On 21 September, i was SO excited that another @Stephen W Tayler mix had arrived, i totally spaced on the signed print that arrived with the Marillion deluxe reissue! I just now found it in a stack of mail downstairs! Well, i can't think of a better reason for more Holidays in Eden! Stay Surrounded, Comrades!

With a total of 21 votes, Holidays in Eden is currently at 9.38 on our poll
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