Listening to Now (In Surround) - Volume 2


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I do like RPWL (who started off as a Pink Floyd tribute band I think). I must have missed that one! Try these as well,
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Yes you're right Duncan, they did indeed start off as Pink Floyd tribute act. In fact the first song Opel on the release Stock is a Sid Barret song.

I too like RPWL, I'm fortunate in that I have those other releases but somehow Stock passed me by .
Starting my day, once again, with Marvin Gaye
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8.26 on our poll
WOW...what an aural masterpiece on my new system. Listened in 7.1 and it's one of those albums which just floats you along on a cloud of sonic splendor.
Was not familiar with this duo but now I most certainly am looking forward to more ATMOS remixes and albums from them.

And on the VERVE label.....home to such incredible talent! I just voted 10 on the QQ Poll!


Patricia Barber CLIQUE [Impex Records/hybrid Multi~CH SACD 5.1/CD Layer MQA encoded] Absolutely stunning on my new system with plenty of immersion in no small measure! Clique was recorded DXD 352.8Hz/32 bit and the 5.1 SACD was mixed at Skywalker ranch in Marin County, CA by Jim Anderson with disc mastering by Bob Ludwig.

Musically exquisite, Ms Barber does gorgeous covers of classic standards such as The In Crowd [intro with her vocals and Patrick Mulcahy on upright acoustic bass is mesmerizing] and continuing with Monk's Straight No Chaser, Antonio Carlos Jobim's One Note Samba which Barber sings in Portuguese, Rodgers and Hammerstein's Shall We Dance and Lerner and Lowe's I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady and ending with Stevie Wonder's All In Love Is Fair, the immensity of this album cannot be overstated. Barber seems to find new insight into each of these standards and it doesn't hurt that the sonics, front and rear are absolutely astounding. VERY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION

Patricia Barber - Clique - SACD Hybrid finns hos - Sounds ...
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Dissolution. Love the album, hate the blu-ray.

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To explain, I just it too annoying on this disc to choose what I want to listen to. In this case I had to use the audio button the remote to get the correct audio stream, And, the display still indicates stereo.

There are a lot of discs like this, which to me, appear to be low effort releases. This is surprising from TPT. Their latest is great. Different images with a short term graphic of the title for each song, What is really nice is the alternate tracks have different images than the standard. When listening through for the first time, I wondered about the images for the alternates and I guessed correctly. A bonus for sure,

High on my list of crummy presentations is a list view of the tracks with a static image particularly when it's difficult to impossible to determine which song is playing. That said Dissolution is a very good album with a very good surround mix,