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Aug 2, 2008
Please post your Dolby Atmos (or Dolby Audio, if you're on Apple Music) streaming playlist selections by a single artist (duets or collabs allowed) for other members to share and enjoy.

If there is a key to your playlist other than "the best of", please elaborate.

To kick things off, I'm going with INXS, as they've currently expanded their Atmos discography with Full Moon, Dirty Hearts. These 16 cuts are in chronological order, clocking in just under 60 minutes. Just keep rockin'!
Jamiroquai have had their third album Travelling Without Moving mixed in Atmos for some time now, but in the meantime they've added no less than nine more tracks, which you can find scattered variously throughout their discography.

This playlist collects the best of them in a fourty-minute ride (think of the last two tracks as extra time to cool your engine).
You wanted the best, you got a dirty dozen by Kiss.
With the recent addition of God Gave Rock 'N' Roll to You II there's two albums and three single tracks in Atmos to choose from so far, while the mixers' list goes like this: David Leonard, Richard Whittaker, Greg Penny, Steven Wilson and David Frangioni.
50 minutes. Oh yeah, it's getting there.
Leaving aside the memes about incest between ABBA and Black Sabbath, Ghost can actually rock, and their Atmos mixes can be similarly immersive.

These individual appearences flow more than nicely and seem all rather positive, witnessed backwards. Not a bad thing at all.

Atmos mixes by Dan Malsch. A Genesis track as an encore. Highlight: Cirice
It's time for Jason Mraz.

This is a really well-balanced set of songs and mixes. I tried but failed to select less than 18 cuts off his three Atmos albums plus the Lalalalovesongs compilation (which happens to be the only title where I can name the immersive mix engineers, Will Kennedy & Matt Wallace).

If you're maybe looking for a playlist to boost your WAF, stop right here.
I've already shared the Roxy Music playlist elsewhere, but why not recap it again for those who, like me, are not lucky enough to have The Best Of Atmos compilation available in their region. This is an attempt to reconstruct it from other sources, unfortunately it's still missing the tracks Angel Eyes, More Than This, Both Ends Burning, Mother of Pearl and Re-Make/Re-Model.
Fingers crossed the Atmos mix of Avalon materializes sometime soon.
The Doors. This is my favorite late night playlist. If you don't care about REAL Atmos much, you can add Soul Kitchen, Alabama Song & Light My Fire at the beginning.

I got both the Perception box set and quad singles compilation, but I would buy these immersive mixes in a physical heartbeat.

Standout mixes: When the Music's Over, The Soft Parade, Waiting for the Sun
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Ringo. With more than a little help from His All-Starr Band. Songs by Steve Lukather, Paul McCartney, Diane Warren, Linda Perry or Mike Campbell. All four EPs they have recorded between 2020 and 2023. More than solid Atmos mixes, the only song I could possibly leave out was Rock Around The Clock (cause it's a cover). Peace!
An hour with Jeff Beck.

My fave tracks off the three quad album mixes, that are fortunately still available on Apple. Careful, there is a rather big jump in volume with the Beck, Bogert & Appice album! Closing with an Ozzy song in Atmos as an encore.
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Clap! Who would have thought there was a possibility that Steven Wilson would be mixing Chic? Clap! And yet here it is, five albums that easily make up this 15-song strong party craze. Clap! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to disappear into my time machine... Clap!
(thanks @Bretho72 for reminding me!)

I didn’t realise so many Chic albums are in atmos. Not a disco fan but geez these sound good.
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Saw the heads up in the main Dolby Atmos listening thread recently, reporting that What's Going On has been pulled from AM. Turns out, fortunately, that was not the case entirely, cause one version of the Atmos mix actually survived and is included in this Marvin Gaye hybrid playlist. (Edit: Sadly, it was reported that the version is not available in the US...)

Oh yes, hybrid, meaning one third is a selection from the Midnight Love album, still available on AM in 5.1. It's placed at the very end, because it's some 4 db louder than the rest. You've been warned!
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You don't have to be a Swiftie to feel a little confused by The 1975, an English foursome fronted by Matty Healey. Anyway, these lads embraced Atmos early and had all five of their albums mixed.

This playlist will give you an easier peek inside. You might like the band's early, INXS-influenced guitar sound, and then you can stop right after the first two albums (mixed by Jan "Stan" Kybert). Or you can follow their journey documented here by tracks mixed by Andrew Scheps and Chris Bolster (the third and fourth albums, respectively - can't find who did the last album).
Another Dolby Audio playlist this time, selected out of the three Johnny Winter quad albums available on Apple Music. While the mixes get much better after Still Alive and Well, it's well-spent 50 rockin' minutes anyway.

Furthermore, I've added 3 tracks to the Kiss playlist, as an Atmos mix of their debut album by David Frangioni appeared this week. Just go to post #4, the link got updated automatically.
I failed miserably trying to pick the best spatial Pearl Jam songs - ended up with 28 tracks and 2 hours of playing time. Selecting less than three songs from any of the six albums now available was simply beyond me, I'm probably still too big a fan for that.

However, if you want to whizz through the band's discography in Atmos and put the upcoming new album in context, here you go.

Mixed by Nick Rives and Josh Evans.