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Mötley Crüe last week added a soundtrack album to their biopic The Dirt, completely mixed in Atmos. Confusion ensued as to which versions of their first five albums were actually now in surround, and that seems to have been resolved now - with the exception of Shout At The Devil, as only the tracks that also appear on The Dirt seem to be in Atmos at the moment (if they reappear, my playlist would probably also include Ten Seconds To Love, Danger and God Bless The Children Of The Beast.

Anyway, here's an hour plus of Crüe's best, from Public Enemy #1 to Like A Virgin.
The sound and the mix improve with each album, but the three new tracks with John 5 don't exactly strike me as highlights. For me, that would likely be the MC's eponymous 1994 album. Yeah, but that's not gonna happen.
My personal faves from the three Paul McCartney's eponymous albums plus Red Rose Speedway & Band On The Run (w/ Wings), all mixed in Atmos by Giles Martin & Steve Orchard. Of course completed with Live And Let Die.

Some 18 pretty fab cuts in 69 minutes.
Thanks to @Oldschoolsoundengineer for the heads up about Kacey Musgraves' latest album, she really is quite a different trailer :) Although the other four albums in her discography were mixed by Kevin Reeves, I found myself enjoying them just as much and had to came up with my personal playlist, that could really be much longer easily.

So, it's pretty strong and varied collection, most likely very suitable for postively adjusting the WAF. Oh, Kacey's holiday recordings not included, but finishing with a Coldplay cover.