Moody Blues "To Our Children's Children's Children" (New Stephen W Tayler 5.1 Mix!)


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Oct 31, 2008
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Well this is a surprise!
Our amazing pal @Stephen W Tayler has completed a brand new 5.1 mix of "To Our Children's Children's Children" from the Moody Blues!
‘To Our Children’s Children’s Children’ was the first album release by the Moody Blues on their own label, Threshold Records. Regarded as one of the finest of their so-called “classic seven” albums, the record covered conceptual themes such as space exploration (as the sessions took place as the Apollo 11 moon landing occurred).

This is the deluxe edition of ‘To Our Children’s Children’s Children’ / ‘The Royal Albert Hall Concert December 1969’. This 4CD/1Blu-Ray boxset features the remastered original stereo mix, along with new stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound mixes by Stephen W. Tayler.
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I'm a HUGE Moody Blues fan from way back. To Our Children's Children's Children is my 2nd favorite MB album next to In Search of the Lost Chord. So I am super-excited about this news!

Already have the classic 7 SACD's with the 4.0 quad mixes (well 6/7 of them since ISOTLC didn't have a quad mix!)
I'll gladly buy this set to have your new 5.1 mix.

Watching & Waiting indeed!
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Nope, not with Firefox or with Edge. Everytime gets directed to Amz US. This has happened one other time, last year, someone posts an Amz UK link that's bad. If it works for you and you use Chrome, maybe it's more Chrome specific programming. Frustrating!!!!
My link at UK works! Try searching on Amazon with the ASIN number

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0BZ3849XD

That did it. Thanks!

And when I copied the link for the album from Amz UK and entered it again fresh, it goes right to the correct web entry on Amz UK. So there's something weird going on with the links you guys are posting. Maybe QQ is screwing them up in the copy-paste process. Or screwed up when you click on it, copy from your post on QQ, or copy paste into browser. Or gremlins.

But thanks for the tip since now I see the title.