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More Guess Who in Multichannel SACD?

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Mar 30, 2009
London, England
So far every title that has “Sold Out” was repressed, hopefully that applies here.
This is actually good news IMO, it encourages DV to stay the course
...and when this happened before some out of print stuff suddenly came back into stock and magically a clutch of new titles appeared around about the same time!! 😱 what could this all mean... has the Wizard of Watford been cracking his whip to get those cute little Austrian elves working overtime to make more Guess Who discs? guess what, i dunno but i hope so!!! 👀 🤔 🤭 🤤


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Sep 30, 2003
Castlegar, BC, Canada
Just a silly stray thought today, would it be beyond the realm of possibility to request a re-do of the Guess Who's Best Of #1? Mr. Dutton seems to know how to bring life back to these old master tapes, but, this time around, let's try and make sure the channels are in the correct spots. The Q8 and Reel have issues, the Audio Fidelity SACD is a mess.... can we maybe take one more whack at it and finally get it right? I'd even be OK with it being a single disc!