MQA goes into reorganization.


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SCL6 is a MQA codec designed to work wireless
All codecs can work wireless. It's just a matter of what bit rate the codec needs and whether the wireless link in use provides it. The question is what does SCL6 provide that the plethora of existing codecs for BT don't (SBC, MP3, AAC, AptX, so how many more do we need?).
and MQA intended to introduce it as part of the next versión of Bluetooth standard. This way MQA would be available for all headphones with bluetooth, at least Next versión. A Big market. But It looks Bluetooth SIG did not accept It.
I know some of the people on the Bluetooth SIG and they're smart people, probably smart enough to see through MQA's bullshit. They wouldn't want yet another codec, BT supports too many already.
I only knew Dolby Atmos AC-4 from some TIDAL tracks, that are virtualized binaural stereo. Those tracks are seen as 2.0 in MediaInfo, and I have No Player for them. If the compression is of better quality than E-AC3 (DD+), waiting to see if Dolby would make it another Atmos multichannel codec for streaming if it has lower file size for streaming than TrueHD.
We do not need any more lossy audio compression codecs. We have lossless compression like DTS HD MA, FLAC and TrueHD. If you want to keep the bit rate down run those at 16/48 or even 16/32 or 12/32. People forget 12/32 is as good as FM radio and lossless in it probably sounds better than many of the existing crappy lossy codecs. The BBC transmitted Nicam stereo TV audio at 12/32 and their main FM distribution network at 12/32 for decades, and far from people complaining the general comments were how good it sounded.
Reminder Bluetooth was never intended for got repurposed for it.
Not a fan of any lossy, I never keep or buy any lossy (RIP Sting DTS CDs).
MQA is a big meme in any audio community I'm in, for good reason.