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Oct 23, 2011
1910 Fruitgum Company's "Sticky Sticky" is classic trashy B-side, too. Oops ... thread-crapping on a DV discussion. Shame on me.


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May 28, 2011
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Says what? :)

I suspect that this bands name sparked the term "bubblegum music". As with all the Kasenetz-Katz produced groups these songs were unapologetically aimed at children at the peak of the baby boom generation. I remember playing the games "Simon Says and 123 Red Light" in school, a somewhat rare occasion when the boys played with the girls. This music came out as many of us were transitioning from listening to children's songs to pop/rock (teenager's music). Bubblegum helped spark that transformation for myself at least. I remember tuning into CKRC one evening and being blown away by all the music that they were playing, The now politically incorrect "Indian Giver" (or it might of been it's soundalike "Special Delivery") both stand out in my mind, I still love those songs!
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Mar 2, 2002
For you USA people SS and 123RL could be related to a kid game, as was Sugar Sugar with cartoons, but when you chart worldwide without kid games or cartoons supporting it, means the song is good and can stand on its legs alone.
Simon Says, and that's my last post on it, don't want to threadcrap, here got first ONE cover (Giuliano e i Notturni - Il ballo di Simone), quickly covered again by others, that despite being played so flat and plain it's cringeworthy, it became a hit and won on the original (english) Simon Says... THEN the 1910FGC did a italian version (Semplicissimo) replacing only the english vocals and charted again, but lower.
If the lyrics of SS bothers you, go for Semplicissimo, same music double fun.

Now, if Michael Dutton can remix into 5.1 some good bubblegum track, i'm in...