New DV Releases for January 2021! (Mott the Hoople, BTO, Burton Cummings, Grover Washington Jr!)


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We sometimes take D~V's extraordinary QUAD SACDs for granted and in true EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY fashion, Criterion Films is releasing an AMAZING 1970 Documentary lensed by the prolific independent filmmaker D A Pennebecker who has given the world Bob Dylan's DON'T LOOK BACK, THE MONTEREY POP FESTIVAL, DAVID BOWIE'S ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDER FROM MARS, THE WAR ROOM a penetrating glimpse into the blood, sweat and tears of bringing Stephen Sondheim's Tony Award Winning musical [including BEST musical] COMPANY to fruition. Allowed unlimited access into Columbia's recording studio, Pennebecker captured the yeoman's task of recording the original cast album of this iconic musical for posterity.

IMO, The Dutton Vocalion QUAD SACD of COMPANY is a treasure to behold and the story behind its genesis is even MORE fascinating.
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Slowly catching up on my January D-V classical buys (and hoping they'll get some new company soon). Still working my way up to the Strauss and the Stravinskys, which I know I'll love. But I just listened to Boulez Conducts Ravel and think it stands up there with the best of them: crisp, detailed, dynamic, uber-discrete. And Michael Dutton's work on the "bonus" work, Stravinsky's "Song of the Nightingale," would make Ray Moore proud!
Wouldn't it be nice , (hmm...sounds like a tune).....if Dutton Vocalion could obtain some of those "unreleased quads" ,
for our listening enjoyment ?

It would, because it could really make for some lovely two-fers. Especially if they could get access to the Winter Brothers.

Johnny Winter Self titled c/w Saints & Sinners
John Dawson Winter III c/w Still Alive and Well

White Trash c/w They Only come out at Night
Roadwork c/w Shock Treatment
Jasmine Nightdreams c/w The Group w/ Rick Derringer

The Byrds Catalog....

Supposedly more Laura Nyro....

Sly Stone x2, Poco, Mac Davis: 5 released plus "Forever Lovers" which was announced....

Maybe now that Paul Simon has released his death grip on his catalog....
Says what? :)

Wow, I haven't heard that one for years...That song sorta sucks 🥴. Classic bubble gum music!
It was a pretty big hit at the time..
Some of those songs were enjoyable & aged better than Simon Says did...
FWIW, back-in-the-day, I did like the B- side of that record. Titled "Reflections from the Looking Glass"
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