new release: Amor Fati & Vandal X: Against "Nature" (BluRay 24/96khz Stereo, 5.1 LPCM, DTS)


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Apr 17, 2018

Free download of title track in 5.1 24/96khz Flac:

Amor Fati started in the 80s post-punk area of DIY music. There was the thriving cassette trading culture, fanzines and everywhere people making their own sound sculptures. There was the NYC scene of No Wave and the rejection of mainstream music with an emphasis on everything alternative culture had been offering since the DADA movement. The cassette technology offered the perfect means for anyone to record themselves and let “quality” and careful planning be thrown to the wind, all the mattered was capturing the moment, the immediacy and the intensity of unfiltered creation through typical filters such as training , rock tropes, standard chord or blues progressions. The first Amor Fati vinyl releases were created on 4 track cassette recorders and mixed to stereo cassette. Now with newer and cheaper technology it is possible to recapture those analog/tape recordings and reissue them.
The entire Amor Fati catalogue is gradually being captured, remixed and reissued in the highest most impractical format possible; digital 24bit/96khz and through the physical format of BluRay discs.
The first release is the project called “Will To Live”. A vinyl EP that quickly sold it’s 1k units and was never re-issued. The band thrived in the culture of City Gardens in Trenton, NJ. They opened for bands such as; The Fall, The Gun Club, The Butthole Surfers and in NYC they opened for such bands as Genesis P-Orridge's Psychic TV. When it was first released it received copious fanzine attention (Option, Forced Exposure, etc) and commendations from such musicians Steve Albini. The 8 track Tascam reel-to-reel tapes were converted to 24bit/96khz and remixed for stereo and surround sound (5.1). The original intention was to just re-release CDs but the BluRay format offers video and inclusion of reviews, pictures and music files.

Currently the BluRay of Amor Fati/Will to Live is available at:
The CD is available at:

Currently the CD BluRay of Amor Fati/Vandal X: Against “Nature” is available at:
The CD is available at:
Hi, welcome to the forum. Nice to see more artists remixing their work in 5.1.

I tried to download the free track but got a message : This file is available with Premium only. Reason: the file's owner disabled free downloads.

Any change that the full album will be available as flac as well?
This just arrived in the mail and It's been spinning non-stop!

It's really REALLY awesome to hear my favorite genre (which is so underrepresented in the surround world) be given so much love, I'd say the closest thing I've seen before this was NON's 2006 album. but that was moreso dark ambient.. I'm really disappointed when I see all the bigger experimental/industrial projects like Einsturzende Neubaten, Nurse With Would, PTV/TG, Coil, Current 93, etc. ignore this format completely, as I think a lot of the music could benefit from it, especially when mixed like this. I'm glad Amor Fati took the initiative and provided this stellar underrated release. Anybody know of anything else like this in 5.1?

I also see it mentioned that the entire discography is being worked on. It's been a while, so does anyone know if there are still any plans for this? I've gone into the Amor Fati discography quite a bit on my own (what I could find at least) and I would really love to hear more mixed in glorious 5.1, like The White (my favorite) or even the later more conventional album, Love Fate.

I love this release so much, and I'm definitely going to order the Will to Live blu-ray soon!
Oooh I never knew that one was released with a 5.1 DVD before, thank you that's great! Even if it isn't the full album. I'll be sure to keep a look out for a copy, or order it on Discogs. Glad to see they've given surround a try before, It's been a while since then but hopefully the band give it another try and embrace Atmos this year for their new album🤞
Yeah, I think it's very well worth having, even if clocking in at some 21 mins. And the mix by Kevin Paul (Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, Yazoo) is fine.