Noticed a growing amount of classic 70's albums in early surround


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Francis Drake

Pirating aboard the Golden Hind
Nov 7, 2023
U.S of A
Having seen a growing number of what's deemed as 'classic' albums from the 1970's being made available in the surround format via SACD and Bluray, i felt this reasurgence of what must be, almost forgoten remixes, might prove to be interesting, especially as surround albums have had little effect on the buying habits of the general music buying public.
So far all that really appears to be used to push forward the cause of surround sound are live albums, which are pretty much poorly mixed attempts to reproduce the 'concert feel'. But surely it could be argued that mixed as a standard studio album is mixed, live albums could then be a positive part of this new? attempt to move the listening experience to where it should be, some 6 years after the first attempt at surround sound.