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May 30, 2005
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While attending an Australian wedding, one of the Aussie guests and I were discussing beer. I asked about Foster’s and he was of the opinion that it‘s not very good and just a US marketing ploy with Paul Hogan as the spokesperson. Yes? Do I hear a beer battle brewing?
When a friend of mine returned from teaching English in China for a year at our get together I had Tsingtao Beer on hand to share. He was quite hesitant, almost said no, but to be polite he indulged. His face lit up & he was amazed. Said something to the effect" Wow this isn't how it tastes in China! This is really good!" Now Tsingtao is directly imported from China but they might make changes for an international market.

And Foster's for the USA is made in Ft Worth, TX. Perhaps what you drink in Joisey is different (better?) than what is brewed in the beers native country. I like it as a change every now & then.

I also like Japanese rice lagers. Interestingly the most popular ones you can easily find are all made in America or Canada.