"Smaller" floor standing speakers


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Oct 20, 2013
Salisbury, MD
So perhaps this has been discussed elsewhere, sorry if so. Please redirect if that is the case.

I am looking at floor standing speakers as sort of a wish list thing. I like the ones I have very much, but never hurts to dream. Anyway, my issue is that I seek reviews on the smaller types of the floor standing models, not the ones that have bigger drivers and more bass. It is hard to find information on what I seek, since most reviews and opinions are about the speakers as a pair and as stand alone usage. I have dual subwoofers and use them with my current speakers, so I don't need the larger woofers or more of them.

For example, I have Dali Opticon 5 speakers for front and rear speakers, with their center speaker. I have 2 SVS 2000 subwoofers with this set up. The subwoofers imo, are much better suited to handle the bass load than the speakers, so I use it for that, and utilize the speakers for everything above that cut off point, currently 80hz. (I realize this is a subjective frequency, but it is what I chose for my setup). This sounds best to me. The speakers sound very good but even better with the subs doing their thing. My point is that everyone rates the floor standing speakers at how well they can handle the bass loads, more so than the quality or clarity of the midrange and tweeters. At least that's what I gather from what I have researched. So more to my point, Dali has an Opticon 8; it has a larger cabinet, bigger woofers and more of them, but the tweeter is the same as the Opticon 5. I realize there will be a difference in midrange with the larger cone and box (potentially). First, how noticable is that, and second wouldn't the tweeters still sound the same?

With these questions in mind, it is extremely difficult to find out how the smaller version of a line of speakers sounds. I can find all kinds of information on the larger sizes, but nothing compares them to the smaller ones to say that they are identical from xxx frequency and above. I have been trying to find out about several different brands but every time it is eluding me. Does anyone know of any resources to find out how my smaller floor standing speaker desire paired with subwoofer(s) will sound? I understand that having a separate sub creates potential issues, but for this purpose, lets assume that the sub is properly integrated into the system to give the bass I desire, thereby the speaker does not need to fill that duty.

A few caveats--I am not interested in bookshelf speakers at this time.
I realize that the larger floor standing speakers will ultimately have better bass response, but even so, they still can't replace a subwoofer. This is for home theater use as well as music. Again, assume the subs are good and integrated properly.
I have always thought that smaller speakers sounded cleaner, less muddled. I realize that could be because I had shit speakers, but not sure if there is any consistency to that. Common sense tells me no, but figured I would mention it.
Smaller speakers with subwoofers, assuming they sound the same as the larger models above xxx frequency, is a cheaper and less obtrusive option that I prefer. I will gladly buy gianormous speakers if they check all my boxes, but there is a budget in place, too.
I listen to surround music a lot, so having speakers for just stereo listening is a waste of time for me, for the most part.

I look forward to your insights and guidance.