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Continuing the stroll down Vinyl Nostalgia Boulevard...

Every time I listen to "Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey," it takes me back to 1971, age 14, the day we heard it on the radio in my friend's car as his mom drove us both downtown for the weekly visit to our probation officer!

Normally it's a violation for kids on probation to hang out together, but our officer was a pretty cool guy. I think he realized it would be more damaging in the long run to separate us - and he was right! That high-school hooligan is my best friend to this day. In fact I was just on the phone with him yesterday, droning on & on about my new phono cartridge! :p:p:p
The Good Earth '74- From the Mann!
*The owner of this album is entitled to rights over one square foot of the earth situated at Llanerchyrfa in the County of Brecon, Wales in Great Britain, subject to registration on or before 31st December, 1975. ("No I never cut mine to turn in.")

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:unsure: You stolen my LP collection JP? :ROFLMAO:
Funny, I too use one of them fancy plate display holders to hold the LP covers while playing them... and a smaller one to hold my Android Tablet with its OTG cable running to a NuForce HDP DAC for Tidal playback. I can compare the albums and the 24/96 masters off Tidal.

You know, I have a bunch of the same albums... I just don't know where. I got like 4000+ LPs and years ago I stopped cataloging them on the shelves. It's more fun this way.

You do need to get a proper LP cleaner though. It does make a huge difference on playback quality and on the life of the records. I can recommend my VPI 16.5, but I have also been looking into getting one of the newer, fancier ultrasonic cleaners.

What difference do you hear with the record weight? I've tried those on my Linn LP12 over the years and on that table, it sucks the life out of the music.