Ten Years After "A Space In Time" (limited-run SDE Blu-Ray with Dolby Atmos, 5.1, and Quad shipping 3/17)


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Any day. Probably tomorrow. :love:


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why didnt ya pre order in the week window? Listening to it now the atmos is definitely more clearer then the quad but quad has a cool swirling effect on some songs like my favorite ive been there too.
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Mine finally departed Chicago USPS this morning. That should mean, I will get mine tomorrow.
It's 6pm on the east coast, you should have gotten it by now.... but we've not heard yet from you. Just concerned over on the west coast about TYA in quad delivery.
Mine cleared Toronto Customs yesterday I think.

And in today's mail.

Shock Awe and 😲 Surprise!!!!.

Listened to the first two tracks in DTS MA QUAD ....ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN AMAZIN'

I surely do wish they make more copies for those who missed the announcement. Fair is fair.

Or if not perhaps Chrysalis Japan can Issue this on QUAD/5.1
One Of These Days boy, your gonna listen to all of TYA, next listen, Stonedhenge, that is correct Stoned.
As a matter of fact, when this BR was announced I ordered the TYA 1967-1974 box RBCDs for under $36 (9 albums and 10th bonus disc).
I've ripped them to one monster file and have been listening to them on random for a while each day. I have to say I like what I've heard and it's definitely growing on me. There are so many bands I never got around to checking out back in the day because of limited funds and limited time.