The All Jethro Tull Thread


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This is the strangest reissue campaign I've ever seen (as you pointed out previously, @humprof). Why would any company trying to make a profit sneak out spurts of product to a handful of minor-league retailers, here and there, under the radar, almost as if they were contraband?

I'm very tempted to order another copy of Minstrel, and the Rarewaves eBay listing does squeak under my previously-stated $35 threshold with tax included, but I'm hesitating. My legacy copy is perfectly functional, just has a cosmetic flaw, so I think I'm gonna hold out to see if this ends up being sold (in a plain brown wrapper, perhaps?) even cheaper eventually.

But congrats to all who have been missing any of these three titles in their library and didn't want to pay extortion-level prices for them on the second-hand market; this is like a lottery win for youse! Here's hoping Stand Up follows soon, for @edisonbaggins' sake.
It's a mystery. (I was mistaken for Shaggy once or twice in my misspent youth. Let's get Fred and Daphne and Velma and the gang together and do some sleuthing!)
Normally I would jump on all of these immediately as I’ve been waiting forever for represses of these sets, but I’ve spent far too much in the past couple of months on new surround releases, I need to give my wallet a rest at least until after Christmas. Since the TAAB set is still readily available, I’m hoping it’s the same story for these ones. SFTW is an amazing candidate for a repress as I think that might be the one that was going for the highest resale prices according to Discogs.
Such a bizarre way to roll out these re-presses!

First MITG shows up only at JPC as a forthcoming late-November release (still no movement on that, and we're quickly running out of November); then Aqualung surfaces solely at Rarewaves (but only their eBay store, not their web store); now SFTW materializes exclusively, but only briefly, at (Although--hold the phone!--for a hot minute on Nov. 25th, there was precisely one copy available at Amazon US, for 31 dollars and change, from third-party seller OxfordshireEngland.)

What the hell?
I was just catching up with this thread, when I noticed you mentioned that listing for SFTW from OxfordshireEngland. I actually bought that exact one and its apparently coming in a week to 3 weeks from now. It supposedly shipped last week. I didn't even know there was a reissue campaign until this mourning. I thought they just found an extra sealed copy from 2017 and didn't know its value after those boxsets went OOP. I decided to grab it in burning shed as well (and MITG) since that Amazon purchase is starting to remind me of the time when I bought a to-good-to-true priced copy of that Brave boxset which got canceled.
I feel about the same as I did in the 90's when I bought a bunch of Beanie Babies at top dollar for my kids, only to find that the value is crashing. The fact that they are reissuing the Tull collection is like watching my Bitcoin investment at this time in 2021. Ouch!
I'll never forget the 1972 Jethro Tull concert at the Chicago Stadium.
As was the norm in those days, the pre-concert crowd was very loud and rowdy with
drugs, etc being sold by hawkers in the isles, shouting out their offerings like it was an auction.
The later it got, the crazier it got till someone from the band (?) walked up to the mike and
announced that "Mr Anderson and company will not be coming out till everyone sits down and is quiet".
After a short time they really did (somewhat) and the band walked on stage. Ian made a few short
comments on how he would not return to Chicago till they found a better place for him to play than this old noisy barn.. Next he said, "I would like to start the show tonight with a new short little diddy called, "Thick As A Brick", after which he then played the entire 45 minute long album and later a bunch of Aqualung and other songs. He cracked me up by wearing this "cup like" thing in his crotch that would hold his flute like a giant silver
penis sticking out from between his legs when he wasn't playing it..
Those were the days my friends. ;)
Looks like I did get that SFTW 40th set from OxfordshireEngland. Took 3 weeks to get here, but atleast it's brand new with no dings. Not sure what I'll do with the spare from BS, maybe I'll sell/trade it (or a Christmas gift?). IDK but its better to have a few rather than none at all.