The Band "Cahoots" (50th anniversary edition with Bob Clearmountain surround mix out in December!)


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I was poking around with the 7.1 TrueHD from the Blu-Ray earlier today and was surprised at how much of a difference there is content-wise between the "side" & "surround back" channels - stuff like guitar, organ, horns, etc are split quite discretely between the two rear pairs. I decided to tinker with my setup so that the "surround back" content would play through my two height speakers instead. I suppose you could call it sacrilege - it certainly isn't what Clearmountain intended - but talk about an amazing surround presentation! So much better than the actual 5.1.2 Atmos decode, there are passages where it sounds like all seven channels carry completely different instruments. All the horn parts in "Life Is A Carnival" emanate from the ceiling only, as do the big vocal delays in "4% Pantomime" and keys in "Smoke Signal".