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TerraTec Press Release, 07.08.2002

TerraTec phono PreAmp Studio USB: independent preamplifier

We've all witnessed it: The good old shellac recordings in the hi-fi rack have been sent to the back row. Some have disappeared altogether from the shelf. But enough is enough! TerraTec is now introducing the phono PreAmp Studio USB to the market. The TerraTec phono PreAmp Studio USB is a perfect combination of hardware and software. Hardly the size of a deck of cards, phono PreAmp Studio USB lets you edit records and cassettes on your computer at a professional level of quality and then immortalize them onto CD-all without the need for a sound card! Simply through a USB port. The phono PreAmp Studio USB will be available as of September.

When vinyl recordings are to be edited on the computer, normally a hi-fi amplifier is necessary in order to transfer the songs to the PC. Record players and sound cards use different audio signals. The TerraTec phono PreAmp offers a real alternative, which, in respect to sound quality, leaves many hi-fi amplifiers far behind. The external housing, which is completely protected against distortion, makes opening the PC case unnecessary. Simply connect the record player to your PC through the phono PreAmp. That's it! You do not need extra drivers or even a power outlet: the power is taken directly from the USB port.

The record player pick-up is easily to configure. The most common input capacities are adjustable in three stages. For the right "oompf", the output signal can be regulated in two stages. The integrated RIAA equalizer guarantees optimized processing of the pick-up signal, thus providing pure sound as good as the original.

In addition to the PreAmp hardware, the phono PreAmp Studio USB includes a powerful software tool made by Algorithmix. It lets you dramatically reduce or even get rid of unwanted noise such as crackling and static in real-time while maintaining the original, authentic sound quality. TerraTec Sound Rescue has been specially developed for the multimedia user who does not want to spend hours learning complicated editing processes or use the multitude of parameter settings necessary in other professional software.

Key features

For all turntables with moving magnet (MM) cartridges
External housing, reliably shielded against interference
No sound card connection required
Audio recording and power supply via USB
Adjustable three-stage input capacity
Precision RIAA curve equalization for true-to-life playback
Signal-to-noise ratio ³ 86 dB (A)
Switchable to phono or line
Signal and peak LED
No additional drivers necessary

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