What are the rarest NON-Sony 5.1 SACDs from the 2000-2008 era

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Mar 30, 2009
London, England
update for RustyStatic ; got all the Aznavour SACDs out of storage, will give them a spin later today and post back to let you know how Surround-y they are 🙂

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my old Pioneer DVDP i do Laserdrops with is up the creek (wah wah wah 😢🥴 ) so i've had to use the old "wandering round putting ears upto each speaker" routine thru my trusty CA BDP.

the majority of the ten SACDs are albums from the early-to-mid-60's (i think one maybe from the late 90's and another maybe early 80's?) so, not expecting Multichannel Miracles from any of them, i thought i'd start with a later one, 1972's "Idiote je'taime", thinking it might be more Surround-y than some of the others.. and it is indeed pretty effective, very cool in fact!

the Front Mains seem the predominant channels, carrying the bulk of the music and vocals and well seemingly just about everything, sometimes his voice is dry at a lower level in the Centre as well and then a piano will come a-tinklin' from one of the Rears, which makes me think it must be genuine Surround from multi's rather than an upmix (still won't know how discrete it is, if at all, until i can record it in and check out the individual channels) oh and there's lots (and lots) of Bass (ooh la la! that's some Bass!)

anyway, it all sounds generally quite nice (if maybe a bit loud and Bass-heavy idk?). i will try some of the other discs in the week and report back but so far the only one in the batch from the 70's is i would say definitely worth checking out 🙂


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Jul 30, 2019
Dug through my collection and found some more gems! In surround.

Francis Cabrel - Francis Cabrel Les Beaux Degats

MICHEL SARDOU - Du Plaisir (2004)

Franco Battiato - Last Summer Dance - Live


PATRICIA KAAS - Rien ne s'arrete (Best of 1987-2001) [SACD] (ISO)

JACQUES brel sacds

Shout out to Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Rage Hard - The Sonic Collection (2001)

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