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1K Club - QQ Shooting Star
Aug 2, 2008
Brian WilsonThat Lucky Old Sun (DVD-V [DD]) 1/27 (live in studio)
Pete Namlook & Gabriel Le Mar – Namlook · Le Mar (CD+DTS CD) 2/2
Darren HayesThis Delicate Film We've Made (DVD-V [DD]) 2/3
Sara K.Made in the Shade (SACD) 2/5 (D)
Deep PurpleStormbringer (CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24] 2/23
Steven WilsonInsurgentes (CD+DVD-A) 2/24 (US)
Pearl Jam – Ten (w/MTV Unplugged) (2CD+DVD-V [DD] box set) 3/23
Phil KlineAround the World in a Daze (DVD-A+DVD-V) 3/24 (US)
Allan Taylor – Leaving at Dawn (SACD) 3/27 (D)
Black SabbathParanoid (2CD+DVD-V [dts]) 3/30
Pete Namlook – Namlook XXII - Music for Urban Meditation III (CD+DTS CD) 3/30
Elbow – The Seldom Seen Kid Live at Abbey Road (CD+DVD-V [DD]) 4/1 (live in studio)
Depeche ModeSounds of the Universe (CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 4/17
John Hammond – Rough and Tough (SACD) 4/21
Quartet Equinox – Philip's Wish (SACD) 4/21
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsFrom Her to Eternity (CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 4/27
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe Firstborn Is Dead (
CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 4/27
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsKicking Against the Pricks (CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 4/27
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsYour Funeral, My Trial (CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 4/27
Pete Namlook & David Moufang – Move D · Namlook XIX - Dawning of a New Decade (CD+DTS CD) 5/4
British Sea PowerMan of Aran (CD+DVD-V [DD]) 5/18
Darren Lock – EchoNet (CD+DVD-V [DD]) 5/19
Susan Wong – 511 (SACD) 5/25 (HK)
Sara K.Made in the Shade (BD-A) 5/25 (D)
Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells (CD+DVD-V [DD]) 6/8
A Beautiful CurseAs It Should Be (CD+DVD-V) 6/26
Jerry Granelli – Vancouver '08 (SACD+DVD-V [dts]) 6/26
V. A. – The Best of Groove Note Vol. 2 (SACD) 7/21 (only 2 tracks are MC)
MagentaSeven (CD+DVD-V [DD]) 8/3 (reissue of the 2004 release – limited to 2000 copies)
Fiona Joy HawkinsBlue Dream (SACD) 8/24
16 HorsepowerSecret South (DVD-A+CD) 8/25 (reissue of a 2000 release)
Porcupine TreeThe Incident (2CD+DVD-V [dts]) 9/14 (limited edition)
MuseThe Resistance (DVD-V [dts]) 9/14 (deluxe box set w/5.1 limited to 5000 copies worldwide)
David SylvianManafon (CD+DVD-V [dts]) 9/14 (deluxe edition)
OceansizeFeed to Feed (4CD+3DVD-V box set) 9/25
Maeve O'BoyleAll My Sins (SACD) 9/25
GenesisLive 1973 – 2007 (8CD+3DVD-V [dts] box set) 9/29 (5.1 on the Live, Seconds Out & Live At The Rainbow sets)
King CrimsonRed (CD+DVD-A) 10/5
King CrimsonIn the Court of the Crimson King (CD+DVD-A) 10/12
Pete Namlook & David Moufang – Move D · Namlook XX - Taygete (CD+DTS CD) 10/12
Rick WakemanThe Six Wives of Henry VIII (Live At Hampton Court Palace) (DVD-V/BD-V) 10/13
Talking HeadsStop Making Sense (BD-V [dts-HD]) 10/13
Tony BanksA Curious Feeling (CD+DVD-V) 10/19 (30th Anniversary Remixed Editions)
Alyn Cosker – Lyn's Une (SACD) 10/23
King CrimsonLizard (CD+DVD-A) 10/26
Between The Buried And MeThe Great Misdirect (CD+DVD-V [DD]) 10/27 (US)
Hamilton Sterling & Jimmy HaslipMigration (DualDisc w/DVD-A) 10/29
NosoundA Sense of Loss (CD+DVD-V [dts]) 11/02
PixiesMinotaur (5CD+2DVD-V [dts 96/24]+BD-V [dts-HD]) 11/06 (limited edition)
King CrimsonIn the Court of the Crimson King (5CD+DVD-A box set) 11/9
Pete Namlook – Namlook XXIII - Pearl (CD+DTS CD) 11/9
George BensonSongs and Stories (CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 11/17
Forsenses – Forsenses (BD-V) 11/17
Claire Martin – A Modern Art (SACD) 11/20
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1K Club - QQ Shooting Star
Aug 2, 2008
I'm in the process of re-linking all the previous release lists – this one now includes links to polls, discussions and vendors (where available). The rest will follow!