2nd Generation Car DVD Player - DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/Radio 5 in 1


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A couple of things come to mind here... First it doesn't do DVD-A .. And Who are these people and where are they from ! Why is this site that caters to r/c toys selling a dvd car player! I'm totally skeptical and would suggest caution and doing some research into this product and the makers of it before you make a purchase of $500.00 for this ! Look at e-bay for some comparison shopping and products of known quality Just my 2 cents!
Rob :(
For me it's still good even if it doesn't do dvd-a - don't think chinese mfr still have the rights to do it - because it'a self-contained unit that can be mounted on any car without too much troubles. I can presume the street price will be a lot less than the one reported there.
Will like to know what are the "serious brand" similar alternatives in the USA market - for europe, very few and a lot more pricey.
...went to the etamiya site to see what other info was available about this puppy: on the Manual page, the manual refers to DV 201 or CA-100. Looking for dv201 i've found this HK site


where there are 5 dvd-a ready players (for home). The photos are small, but... anyone has already seen these ones floating around somewhere? If they are mfr in china, it may be a good start for the dvd-a camp. After all, the dvd-v market was small number until came Apex and its clones: the rest is history.
Ditto for cdr. The good thing is that it can be a small and decent alternative to the Sherwood and similar systems for car dts playback.
I'm a biased Alpine fan, but just get a PXA-H700 processor when it finally ships or a PXA-H900. Dolby or DTS, no "pure" 24/96* but least the bass is managed correctly (unlike almost any DVD-A system out there), plus you can correctly time delay and EQ every speaker driver.
OK, yes, it's $700 + you need a DVD player, that's true.

*not that anything is actually recorded so purely in the first place, jazz and classical excepted sometimes...