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May 29, 2014
I just received this press release and thought I should share.


Quadraphonic And Stereo Mixes For The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Band's
Early Albums Come Together In A Blu-ray Audio Boxed Set

Available From Rhino On June 17

LOS ANGELES - Hot on the heels of Chicago's recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the celebration of the legendary "rock band with horns" musical legacy continues with a new boxed set that includes quadraphonic and stereo mixes in high resolution 192/24 DTS-HD Master Audio on nine Blu-ray Audio discs.

The CHICAGO QUADIO collection will be available on June 17 for a list price of $159.98. Housed in a rigid two-piece box, nine albums are presented in sleeves that replicate the original release down to the last detail, including mini posters, and the iron-on that came with Chicago VIII. To ensure optimal sound quality, Rhino has remastered each album in both its original quadrophonic and stereo mix on each disc, and so that the quadrophonic mix will play on surround sound systems.

Formed in 1967 in the band's namesake city, Chicago is one of the longest-running and best-selling groups of all time. It's the first American band to ever chart albums in Billboard's Pop Top 40 in six consecutive decades, and is the highest charting American band in Billboard's Hot 200 All-Time Top Artists, earning the #9 spot. The group's extensive accomplishments include: a Grammy Award, multiple American Music Awards, 11 Number One singles, five consecutive Number One albums, and record sales in excess of 100,000,000, with 47 albums earning gold and platinum certification.

From its inception, through to the late 1970's, Chicago perfected the art of making melodic, jazz-tinged rock with a keen pop sensibility. On those early albums, the band was led by guitarist Terry Kath, keyboardist Robert Lamm, bassist Peter Cetera, drummer Danny Seraphine and Chicago's signature horn section: trumpeter, Lee Loughnane; trombonist, James Pankow; and saxophonist Walt Parazaider.

CHICAGO QUADIO spans seven years and includes eight studio albums, in addition to Chicago IX: Chicago's Greatest Hits. The group's long string of jazz-rock mega hits includes: "Make Me Smile," "Saturday In The Park," "25 Or 6 To 4," "Feelin' Stronger Every Day," "If You Leave Me Now," and many more.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, including Chicago's performance, will premiere on April 30 on HBO. And next year, the group will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Album Listing:

Chicago Transit Authority (1969)
Chicago (1970)
Chicago III (1971)
Chicago V (1972)
Chicago VI (1973)
Chicago VII (1974)
Chicago VIII (1975)
Chicago IX: Chicago's Greatest Hits (1975)
Chicago X (1976)


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Something like this should be a massive seller due to the fact it's on a more universal format...and it's Chicago...and sounds like a nice box. Even if they keep the price as is, that's only $17.98 or so per disc. :)
Chicago, Quadio (Rhino, 2016) (Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K. / Amazon Canada Links TBD)

So much for using Paypal Credit to pay for this. OH that will stop me. :violin
This is possibly the best thing that has ever happened. I'm speechless. I am without speech.
Two obvious questions, did Steven Wilson do all the albums and will these be released separately at some point?
Two obvious questions, did Steven Wilson do all the albums and will these be released separately at some point?
Good questions. It would seem strange when SW is working on a project too while this is coming out. The initial announcement does not say anything about new 5.1 mixes though. We will find out sooner than later I guess.