CYAN - For King And Country (CD/DVD 5.1) Sept 2021


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I got a quick reply from Rob last night, which he asked me to pass on:

"The "Still Processing " error is known about; it's a technical issue with the shop, and its something we're hoping to sort out ASAP. However, ALL orders have been posted ...the truth, though is that the UK postal system is broken since Covid and Brexit..."

I can vouch for the last point; even domestic shipping is effected. Stuff gets through but can take several days longer than it ever used to. I guess international is even worse. :( the summary is; the "still processing" is a known error that's being looked into. It shouldn't affect orders, which have all been shipped, but you may have to be patient due to delays due to the UK postal service. If it's any consolation; it'll be worth the wait! Rob somehow just seems to get better and better at this. :)
This album is fantastic! Listened for the first time yesterday... stellar surround mix (as usual) by Rob Reed, but more importantly (maybe equally important) the songs and musicianship are really enjoyable. The two vocalists sound amazing (I'm assuming the female is the same vocalist from Magenta), and the instrumental songs and instrumental breaks are just killer. Plenty of MOOG-sounding synth, too. I rank this one with the best of Magenta. Rob Reed's face is on my Mount Rushmore of surround šŸ˜ (along with Steven Wilson and Elliot Scheiner)
On sale via Bandcamp for those in the UK (don't know about other territories re Postage etc but it appears they ship overseas) for Ā£7.50 (+Ā£2 for UK postage), just picked this up myself for that price.
Only available @ Ā£7.50 for 24 hours, 24 hours finishes 8am 2nd March UK time.
Link is:-