Differences in playback between different universal players? Settings?


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Mar 22, 2016
Colorado Springs, CO USA
Hi folks,

I have a combined A/V system in my basement. It's pretty good for both movies and audio (2ch or multi-channel).

The player I had been using for digital discs is an Oppo BDP-83SE. Recently I bought the Esoteric Audio Blu-Ray of Chris Squire's Fish Out of Water. I was disappointed to find that it would not play on my Oppo. EA said that was a known issue; Oppo said they weren't surprised. Neither had a solution to offer.

So I bought a Sony UBP-X800M2. Seemed like a nicely built unit, and, while it has no analog outs, the DACs in my Marantz AV7701 seem pretty decent, and, anyway, I was using HDMI for multi-channel to be able to use bass management, etc, in the Marantz (all that is bypassed when using the discrete 7.1 inputs).

Anyway, long story short, it played the EA disc just fine, but, when I tried some other discs I know pretty well (Steely Dan Gaucho DVD-A or Diana Krall The GIrl in the Other Room SACD) I found that the rear (SL / SR) channels seem to be a lot louder than from the Oppo.

Any suggestions on this? It may just be what I'm used to, but the Sony does sound too loud to me from the rear channels. Are there settings/adjustments for this? There seem to be a lot of configuration options from the Sony. Any recommendations for best settings for multichannel music?