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Mar 2, 2002
Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2 SACD set released in March 2016 by Audio Fidelity of the Bob Dylan 1964 acoustic Concert at Philharmonic Hall, first announced as an SACD from Sony back in 2004 but never released (As Bob Dylan Bootleg Series Vol 6).

Pre-release discussion thread: https://www.quadraphonicquad.com/forums/showthread.php?21645

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OK - I'm going 10. BUT not because the music is discretely spread all over the speakers. Which I usually love big time, by the way. The more discrete the better, in my book - if the music still holds together across the sound stage. As Snood pointed out on the earlier thread - the music here is very much in the center. Really as it should be - one artist, one guitar, one harmonica. It really shouldn't be spread all over the place. As I said before on the earlier thread, Bob is very much full center - which makes complete sense right? What is really extra nice is sitting with the audience! On the original stereo, the audience is out front with Dylan, which, when you think about it, is really a bit weird, right? The audience's delight coming from the same place as Dylan's performance? On the surround, the listener is in the much more appealing situation of being in the middle of the audience. Which is really working for me. So I think the surround field is entirely right for this production - even though it would be entirely not right for e.g. The Yes Album - which does spread things around entirely appropriately. I did struggle with the 10 a lot. As a surround mix, it is clearly very limited - but consciously so. So, as a surround mix for this (wonderful!) artist, in this concert, back in 1964, it just feels entirely right on the money. Just let me sit here in row 10, as an integrated member of the audience, and enjoy the young Mr Zimmerman as he reaches his first climax as a performing artist. I wonder if he has much of a career in front of him?
I won't be repetitive, great sound for its age, surround ...well, as it should be, what I enjoy most about it is the content, a great mix of his material at the time, performed well, and the banter with the audience is great. Who knew Bob had such a sense of humor and could be present in the moment? While I prefer his later 60-70's material, this makes me want to revisit the early LPs again.

This brilliant set is currently available for 40 CAD here. That's 31 USD.

The lowest price I could find elsewhere (AF, Discogs, eBay, amazon.com) was around 52 USD before shipping.
This is a excellent disc content wise and sound quality wise. Surround wise it's just audience in the rear. True as cornwall198 has said that you can't do much with one artist, one guitar, one harmonica, a more immersive mix would not have worked. I'm giving it a seven.