Forget reality, what is your dream multichannel release?


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i'd like to hear a well-restored and DES'ed surround stereo edition of the '38 BG allstars carnegie hall jazz concert. also the original quad mix of rick wakeman's "the 6 wives of henry VIII." also the parsons quad mix of DSOTM [that didn't require spending upwards of $200 for the whole derned boxed set], just give me the one disk.
I have to second Supertramp - Breakfast in America and The Breeders - Last Splash. And flipping NICE reference to How to Destory Angels (and especially their track on that EP "Fur Lined"). That's the former singer from West Indian Girl who married Trent Reznor. Which makes me add to my list for this thread:

West Indian Girl - 4th and Wall

What an album, and totally deserving of multi-channel reworking, even if to share it with a whole community of folks that don't yet know their wholly underappreciated greatness.

Glad to be hepped to this band. Listening to 4th and Wall right now on my MacBook and loving it--and yeah...that's a great candidate for an immersive mix.
For me, hearing Zeppelin in multichannel would be like summoning the Hammer of the Gods! Especially if Jimmy Page did it with someone like Steven Wilson. Imagine the bouncing riff at the end of What Is and What Should Never Be coming in from many aural vantage points!
Re. Zeppelin: I heard somewhere that the masters aren't separate tracks and/or that they've deteriorated etc. etc....?...but I have to say that I've no idea if that's actually true; I'm probably just creating/perpetuating a myth.

If, however, that is actually the case...?...after what Peter Jackson's team did with the Let it Be audio...?...I think there's hope. Even if they just used the led Zeppelin re-masters box set discs as a source, I'd rather have that than nothing.


Should probably add to the list:

Boards of Canada
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Probably the Rolling Stones catalogue. After hearing the EP SACD of Sympathy for the Devil in all of its configurations and hearing the tonal quality of the remix in all it's glory ... seriously folks .....if the Beatles can do it so can [elusive to surround]

Yeah, that is such a tease because the Sympathy mix sounds great. Would love Exile on Main Street the most from their catalog.

My personal #1 wishlist album is U2's The Joshua Tree. Always loved it and it would be so great in surround. #2 would be Def Leppard's Hysteria.
100 times f%^$ yes.
That's why I didn't list them in mine, it kind of goes without saying...? it's basically a given? ;0)

Love / Forever Changes
Sons Of Champlin / Loosen Up Naturally
Justin Hayward & John Lodge / Blue Jays
Justin Hayward / Songwriter
Jackson Browne / The Pretender
The Doors / The Doors as the current surround version leaves much to be desired
10cc / All
Camel / All
Re. The Doors, someone recommend I pick up the The Doors - The Singles with the remastered quad and it's really cool. I went from not really thinking much of Light My Fire, to the quad version being one of my favourite songs...'s got an unfortunately super-dodgy rendering of Jim Morrison on the cover but don't let that put you off. ;0)

Edit: Also, if we're really doing this...?...forgetting reality...?...or any measure of reason...? X0)

...then I (and I can't believe I'm typing this) have to include GGFH - Disease. : hidesface:
Ambrosia / 1st / Somewhere I'v Never Traveled / One Eighty
Happy The Man / All
It's A Beautiful Day / 1st
Harry Nilsson / A Touch More Schmilsson In The Night (complete recordings)
Jean-Luc Ponty / Cosmic Messenger / A Taste For Pasion
Kit Watkins / Kit & Coco In Time
I've said it here before, but I would love to hear the original 5-channel 'Pyramid Sound' mix of 'The Bermuda Triangle' by Tomita, which he didn't release at the time as there was no way for listeners to experience it!
Anything by 菅野よう子(Yoko Kanno). I'm in love with her music, and so far I only have 782 of her tracks, and would love them in surround. All of Wolf's Rain please, and the rare stuff like Tokyo Sora. Oh, and can I have it in spacial audio for headphone listening? I already have Darker than Black, but the shows were done in surround so the music soundtracks must exist that way too, right?