Forget reality, what is your dream multichannel release?


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Anything by 菅野よう子(Yoko Kanno). I'm in love with her music, and so far I only have 782 of her tracks, and would love them in surround. All of Wolf's Rain please, and the rare stuff like Tokyo Sora. Oh, and can I have it in spacial audio for headphone listening? I already have Darker than Black, but the shows were done in surround so the music soundtracks must exist that way too, right?
There's a Darker Than Black Blu-ray Soundtrack release? Albeit, limited to some big box set.
Re. Zeppelin: I heard somewhere that the masters aren't separate tracks and/or that they've deteriorated etc. etc....?...but I have to say that I've no idea if that's actually true; I'm probably just creating/perpetuating a myth.
I have no idea about the deterioration but I believe Mr. Page has held onto all of their masters. Anyone have any additional insights?


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I can't believe I forgot to mention Mountain's Nantucket Sleighride, imo one of the best hard rock albums of all time:

Don't Look Around:

Nantucket Sleighride:

I've got this album in both its Blu-spec CD & Blu-spec CD2 releases (Blu-spec 2 "Even bluer spec" ;0) )

Can confirm the Blu-Spec CD is better than the regular CD release and that there is a perceptible granular improvement with Blu-Spec CD2 (BSCD2)

I have to say, I had a "torrential" need for the Best of Mountain quad transfer, that I just had satisfied, "bit by bit"...if you catch my bit stream, sorry, meant drift...if you catch my drift ;0)
Mascot, do you know if the bonus videos are in surround or is it just the live main feature? In any case, thanks for sharing!
The bonus videos are in 5.1 dolby digital but sound great, the worst thing is the dvd is pretty rare, well in the UK anyway, not sure about around your way. Best listened to without the videos as they are pretty awful and outdated, switch off the tv, turn up the volume and rock out
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