Frank Zappa Waka/Wazoo Deluxe 4CD + Blu-Ray 5.1 and Atmos!!!!


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I just listened to these again this evening on Apple Music. Beyond Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar, I didn’t think I’d ever buy another Zappa album. Was never a real fan. But these two releases are stunning. Just pre-ordered with Amazon. Thanks for the link.
Waiting for a UK vendor as Zappa store was outrageous for shipping and no duty gaurentee.

Finally came up on Burning Shed so we have a go situation.

Rather Shed and buried than Amazon crash and burn
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We all have our favorites. I order as much as I can from Amazon US, maybe I might pay $25-$30 a year more over my orders, but they come fast and if there is a price drop they always give me the price drop. I also have seen on QQ people saying where is my order with various other company's, while mine is already home and ripped.
There are exceptions though even with my Amazon, Ultravox- Return To Eden was a complete debacle but is now straightened out.