Gavin Harrison - "Cheating the Polygraph" CD/DVD


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Oct 31, 2008
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Preorder for this title should be going up on Burning Shed today, and it has CD/DVD by it.

So will a 5.1 surround mix be included and possibly on DVD-A?

I certainly hope so! But regardless, I am looking forward to this album, especially after watching that wonderful teaser video.

This album is for both Porcupine Tree and Jazz fans alike and is sure to be a winner!

More info (including preorder link) once it is available. :)
AND I can now confirm (via this preorder link) that there is a 5.1 surround mix of the album!

What I cannot confirm at this time is whether this is DVD-A or DVD-V, but I think I will get this one regardless.


The artwork is very "Deadwing Haloish" :eek::


Like the Jazzy brassy stuff going on in the teaser... (y)
I should also throw this little tidbit in while I'm at it:

All pre-orders from Burning Shed come with an exclusive postcard signed by Gavin Harrison.

Very nice indeed! I love my Andy Partridge signed postcard for D&W. :)
I'm tossing up on this one. I love the idea of Porcupine Tree music reinterpreted. But I'm not sure I like the jazz style enough to listen to it often enough, based on the samples.
Just found out that Burning Shed are saying it's DVD-V.

That's a little bit of a bummer, but I think I'll still get this one, especially if it has DTS 96/24. :)
wow, damn so many horns. feels like listening BS&T and watching James Bond movie at same time :)
The samples sound really good. I love Gavin's drum sound. I think I'll pre-order this, but it would be nice to know; (a) who did the 5.1 mix, and (b) if the DVD-V at least contains DTS rather than Dulby.
Here's the track listing:

What Happens Now?
Sound Of Muzak/So Called Friend
The Start Of Something Beautiful
Heart Attack In A Layby/The Creator Had A Mastertape/Surfer
The Pills I’m Taking (from Anesthetize)
Cheating The Polygraph/Mother & Child Divided