Jeff Mills – Planets (CD+BD-A [DD 48/24]) released 4/17 2017


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Aug 2, 2008
Here's another one that has most likely slipped under QQ radar! I've just received my back-ordered copy from ImportCDs. It's reasonably priced ($23) and more than satisfying content- and mix-wise. Added this to the release list, too.


From the Axis Records promo:
Influenced by "The Planets" (1918) of Gustav Holst, 100 years later Jeff Mills modernizes the concept with a completely new arrangement, score and soundtrack.

Created and produced by Jeff Mills with Orchestra Sinfonica do Porto, conducted by Christophe Mangou. 10 years in the making, this new type of electronic and classical hybrid marks a giant leap forward and creates a template on how genres can interact with one another to create a new form of music in the process. Recorded in surround 5.1 and released on blu-ray audio, CD and a 9 - 7" picture disc vinyl set (one for each of the 9 planets). Classically arranged by Sylvain Griotto, mixed at Abbey Road London by Jonathan Allen and mastered at Wisseloord Studios Holland by Darcy Proper.

One major warning: the sound format may be not exactly hi-res, although it definitely sounds as one – it's described as Dolby Digital 48khz 24bit on the back cover and my Oppo confirms that, displaying an average bit rate around 14Mbps. Also, the dynamics and fidelity are great.

The mix? Initially, the ambient nature made me think of Sgt. Pepper, but boy, there are moments where the surround scared me shitless and where I could find myself feeling lost in space if I were experiencing this 62+ min. flight in its entirety. So yes, the rears could have been used in a much wilder manner, but I have a feeling that this is gonna turn into a real grower and that the overall aural consistence is what matters the most here.

Anyway, I can easily recommend this pleasantly adventurous title. But do hunt carefully, as there's also 2CD edition and some vendors are cheaper than others. Should you have trouble finding a copy for a good price, you can also search for Japanese edition, which seems to be more available and cheaper too (Amazon ASIN for the region free US edition is B06WD1YZBK, B01NBIS8OB for the Japanese one).

Some samples and teasers: