Listening now to this stereo/mono CD.


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I bought several Reference Recordings on LP & CD. Great sonics & performances.

Professor Johnson has currently been releasing a number of Reference Recording's classical repertoire on multi~CH SACD [ambient rears only] and they sound exquisite. Only wish he'd go back into his catalog and re~release some of those older jazz/pop treasures on multi~CH SACD, as well!
Tafelmusic w/original instrumentation is another great one!

Exquisite, in fact and ripe for a RR multi~CH SACD re~release!

Hi there
Can someone tell me the audio quality of the GOLD discs from the David Bowie 5 Years 1969-1973 CD Box Set, ie. are they the normal 44.1kHz/16Bit or are they better? See pics….🙏


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Bridge Over Troubled Water - S&G expanded from 5 CD Complete Albums (remastered)
Home to Me - Eric Bibb autographed
Tout Pour la Music & Roma Dalla Finestra - Paul Mauriat UK CD
River Road - Eric Bibb & Bert Deivert Opus 3 German CD
Complete Robert Johnson 2 CD
Sunrise & Salvation (Mercury albums) - Spirit UK CD 4&5 Magical Kahuana & 13th Dream
Very Best of Big Joe Turner
Complete Blind Willie Johnson 2 CD
Idlewild - Everything but the Girl UK 2 CD expanded
Live at Woodstock - Joe Cocker
Recycling the Blues - Taj Mahal MoFi silver CD
Like Eric Bibb.
His Dad, Leon, was a fixture here in Vancouver through the 70’s and 80’s after relocating from the States.
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