Listening now to this stereo/mono CD.


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Jimi Hendrix Experience -
Electric Ladyland

Stating the obvious, despite no cover lettering I’m sure you all knew what this is.
I’ve played this a lot recently and though I don’t love all of it, 2/3’s of it is fantastic.
The Other Ones - The Strange Remain


(Let's see if I can spark a little more interest in this excellent album...)

(This one sounds a little like something Little Feat might have done... )
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Pink Floyd. The Man & The Journey. Live in Amsterdam 1969.
Was thinking it would be great if Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets played an abridged version of this live!
Seeing this reminded me I own the complete set (individuals) of Early Years, many, if not most, unopened. When will I go for it and unwrap and listen? I just remember when these came out, I was like, I am NOT going to miss owning these and at some point, I will be glad I do. Must not be there yet. lol