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MFSB - Philadelphia Freedom & Summertime [SACD Hybrid Multi-channel / Stereo]

MFSB - Philadelphia Freedom & Summertime
[SACD Hybrid Multi-channel / Stereo]

Two~fer from D~V: Philadelphia Freedom in stunning discrete QUAD and Summertime in Stereo [SACD]

I just bought tickets for Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles LOVE in Las Vegas.
DEC 15th, I have saw this show before, around 2016 or so. Will be in Vegas for U2 on the 16th so why not.
It is the best Vegas show I have ever seen, so far.
Listening now to LOVE 5.1 released 11/17/2006.
DVD rip, FLAC 24bit/96Khz. DR's are 8, 9's, 10's, 11's, 12's.
Although it is a special recording for the sound track of the Cirque du Soleil show it is quite a fantastic recording, I have not listened to it in years, really fun recording with all the mish/mash of songs.
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One of the reasons I bought a DVD-A compatible player only a couple of weeks ago is this DVD-A. Already one of my favourites. I played it a lot when the CD had just been released back in 2006. Then forgot about it for a while. But with all these Atmos titles from the Beatles available, I wanted to hear this in surround as well. Love it. And I am not even that much of a Beatles fan…
Soft Cell NON~STOP EROTIC CABARET [Mercury Records/SDE BD~A~V Dolby Atmos/Stereo remix] Personally, I'm ecstatic to finally have this 80's Pop sensation in such ravishing sonics .....currently listening to the instrumentals! Am L❤️VING it! The inclusion of the videos in stunning LPCM Stereo 24b/48kHz resolution is likewise a wonderful touch!

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