Mark Knopfler - One Deep River (SDE exclusive Blu-Ray w/Dolby Atmos, limited to 2000, April '24)


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Very strange indeed, as SDE joining the IOSS system should indeed cover these taxes as part of your purchage. You should be able to show them proof that VAT was already collected by SDE (order confirmation) and it should also show on a label on the package.
I believe that is the problem: there's no IOSS number on the package labels.
I just contacted SDE support, let's see what they say (I hope I'll get a refund for the 10 unexpected euros)
It seems to be a general issue between Tax authorities and EU customs software, various other websites seems to face the same challenge.... rarewaves, Pet Shop Boys store etc...
It seems to be a general issue between Tax authorities and EU customs software, various other websites seems to face the same challenge.... rarewaves, Pet Shop Boys store etc...
Not Burningshed. I regret having disposed the package I received this week to try and find out that labelling differences
SDE support ain't bad either, I received a reply and a partial refund already (7 euros out of the 10, won't complain as it's not SDE's fault):

" I am sorry you were asked to pay additional duties. We are IOSS registered so you do not have to and infact your parcel should not have to go through customs.The label has the IOSS symbol on it. There is a software breakdown in Irish customs where we are registered I have refunded the VAT we collected.. Apologies for the situation."
I finally got to give this a listen last night. Overall I really liked it. A very clean, delicate mix. This isn't an aggressive Atmos mix, but it's used effectively at times. I feel like the choices suited the material here. My only complaint mix wise was I believe on Smart Money. I felt like the vocals were a bit muddied. Maybe they could have spread some of the instrumentation or reduced levels to help the vocals some? But a minor nitpick, otherwise a very nice listen.
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Paul mentioned on X that we should pay the VAT and send proof of payment to [email protected] to get a refund... anyway I'm still waiting for my copy already roughly a week in German processing
It looks like there's a whole thread there but since Paul blocked me, I can't read anything except the tweet you linked, and only if I open a private browsing window, which makes it impossible to see the rest of the thread. Anything else worth mentioning there?

Edit: Embedding it in my post made the previous one visible for me at least. Sigh. I shouldn't have to work this hard to find out something possibly pertaining to my order!!

Edit 2: Maybe that's the reason why my order is still stuck in Niederaula? If the long wait means I won't have to erroneously pay taxes, I'd be happy...
Although it will never be a demo disc for Atmos, the mix has a wonderful ambience - huge soundstage with some tasty sounds coming from the heights and sides. There's just something so satisfying about listening to beautifully performed and recorded music. Definitely a disc to relax with on a rainy day.
Listened to my copy yesterday and found the album quite pleasant. Sorta Dylanesque, mellow, countryish with the familiar Knopfler guitar sound popping in and out. I like it a lot.
Was well done. We listened to the hi-res stereo version as we do not do dolby Atmos. Shame that the DTS MA 5.1 versions have been 'cancelled' . Saw it coming over a year ago now. Games. ~SDE did a wonderful, job and shipping to Montana was very QUICK. The usual. Pretty awesome from all the way over in the UK. Good job Paul and Anne TY!
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All versions ripped. Stereo, 5.1 and Atmos.
I already know it is a front loaded Atmos mix.
I already know that the music is on the boring side.
Will try and give the three versions a listen and post comments on the Poll Thread.
5.1? I didn’t see that option on my disc.
Please tell me how. I use DVD Audio Extractor.
When ripping Blu Rays:
Use MakeMKV
When you load disc in your BD player and populate with MakeMKV you will see a selection True HD Atmos, LPCM stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1.
This is not all the time, but in general. Quadio Blu Rays only have stereo and Quad as an example.
Some Blu Ray rips are hard to figure out the sequence of the rip especially if they have instrumental versions etc.
When in doubt, rip all, look at the rips, click on one, and your right side pane will likely show you what you have ripped.
When I was a novice, I would put Blu Ray in player, take picture of menu with my phone, but I don't need to do that anymore.
Every disc I own, never see's a player at this point.
In my case I use JRiver as the player via USB for stereo and multichannel to AVR and HDMI to AVR for Atmos playback.
Atmos files all MKV and non Atmos files all FLAC.

Next step is use Music Media Helper for tagging, etc.:
MMH installer - Direct link:

If you need help I can send screenshots, this is a flawless combination, guaranteed.
@ Marpow
Thank you very much! I try it and it works. But i can`t play mkv. My MCH-Player is the Eversolo DMP-A6. So I have to use XRecode to convert the songs individually into Flac. The files are now quite small. A flac of an average length song is only under 100MB in size. Normal Flac size would be around 200 MB. I hope this doesn't come at the expense of quality.