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ar surround

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Apr 3, 2010
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Qn: is it better to have a surround mix of a chershed album, even if the surround mix is not upto snuff, than no surround mix at all?
Now you have really gotten me wound up, Pups! o_Oo_O;);) The answer is no...Not when a faux surround presentation derived from the high resolution stereo is better than the surround mix (Which in this case is also faked) itself. Despite my rating of 2, I would still buy this set because the 2-channel hi-res remix heard in faux surround is so darn good.

[Edit: This is not a glass-half full issue. This 5.1 is like getting an empty glass subsequently filled with...well, you know what! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:]
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