Mr. Afternoon - The Golden Bonana - new 5.1 fusion jazz album [Pre-order] (24/48 MLP/DD)


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This release will play in a Sony X800.

I was having problems getting Giancarlo's Departure Tapes to load with the various options, Duncan kindly guided me to selecting DVD Video, which did the trick!!

I thought, hang on, this could work on this release....and it did,
Although you don't get the Hi-rez music, just Dolby Digital.

The things you learn eh.
Uh oh, Bonana sold out. What now?

How 'bout a LIVE TOUR with the Golden Gorilla Go Go Girls?🙉

One more reason to never watch NGE...
On the other hand the soundtrack is pretty nice in 5.1.
Of course I must disagree on the 1st point. I think Evangelion is one of the few anime's that deserves it's epic reputation.
And on the 2nd point, the Geneon release does sound great through the Surround Master! I know not of any real OST 5.1 for NGE.